Leevi Eerola – Lead Generation Agency Starter Pack

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Leevi Eerola – Lead Generation Agency Starter Pack
Original Price: 99$
You Just Pay: 69.95$(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Leevi Eerola
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Leevi Eerola – Lead Generation Agency Starter Pack
Original Price: 99$
You Just Pay: 69.95$(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Leevi Eerola
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Start Your Own Lead Generation Agency And Make $5000/month From Your Laptop
Or get 100% of your money back
Read this 310-second letter and find out…
At the beginning of 2021, I was broke and defeated.
I had $0.67 in my bank account, and my business crashed a few weeks ago.
At this point, I had tried everything

  • SMMA
  • D2D Sales
  • Dropshipping
  • Drop Servicing
  • Sales Coaching
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sales Outsourcing

Each one of them was a fantastic learning experience.
But I didn’t manage to see the level of success I was reaching for.
3 weeks before hitting absolute rock bottom, I was still running my B2C sales outsourcing business.
I had 15 sales reps cold calling in an office selling supplements over the phone.
Yeah, I know…
Our best month had been $80k in revenue.
I was 100% sure this business would get me to my goals.
But I was wrong.
Because of slow cash flow, lousy management, unfinished backend & dumb planning…
It all burned down in a few weeks.
We just couldn’t keep up with the growth.
Our cash flow was too slow to support paying the commissions, rent, tools & other expenses.
So we had to shut the whole operation down.
Fast forward a few weeks, and there I was.
$0.67 in my bank account & left with nothing.
I was desperately trying to come up with ideas to lift myself back on track.
I found it.
Lead generation agency business model.
Started learning everything I possibly could about cold email, lead generation, and the whole business model.
This was going to be it.
After a few weeks of learning, I closed my first client.
The deal was small, and I had no idea what I should do.
But that wasn’t important.
I had validated the idea of running a lead generation agency.
It was 100% possible to reach out to a business and tell them:
“I will handle your outreach and get you 10 meetings every month.”
So I started going even harder.
In 12 weeks, I was making $10k a month sending simple cold email campaigns.
Couldn’t believe it.
Fast forward again 6 months to 22/6/2022
I’m making around $30k/mo by sending emails for other companies and helping them scale their business.
Clients are happy.
I’m happy.
Life is good.
Of course, I made a lot of mistakes down the road.
If I could do it all over again, I’m 100% sure that reaching $5k/mo would take me 2 weeks MAX.
And this is why I have decided to make this Starter Pack.
So what will you learn from Lead Gen Agency Starter Pack:

  • The business model
  • The best tools to use
  • Naming & Branding your agency
  • How to pick the perfect niche for you
  • 5 proven offers I have used myself
  • How to laser target & scrape your dream prospects
  • How to price your services CORRECTLY – so you don’t end up working for low prices with bad client
  • Copy-Paste email templates I use to get meetings
  • How to create the perfect landing page in 15-minutes
  • How to film a VSL which converts your landing page visitors to ready-to-buy customers
  • The easy to follow sales structure I use to close clients with confidence
  • How to onboard your clients with full clarity
  • How to handle the service delivery
  • My whole Cold Email Course

I have taught this to a lot of people in 2022

So it’s clear this stuff works…
This is for you if:
✅ You want to run a business
✅ You are committed to doing the work
✅ You want to build a scalable business
✅ You have Wifi + a laptop
✅ You have the discipline to sit down and work
This is not for you if:
❌ You are looking for easy money
❌ You want to get rich overnight
❌ You think cold email is spam
❌ You don’t want to start running a business
So what’s inside?

  • Video – What is a lead generation agency
  • Video & List – What tools to use
  • Video – Name & Logo & branding of your agency
  • Video – How to pick a niche
  • List – different high-income niches
  • Video – How to scrape agencies & start-ups
  • List – 100k B2B Prospects in different niches
  • Video – What offers to use
  • List – Offers I have used
  • Video – How to price your services
  • Video – Getting meetings
  • Templates – Exact email templates I use to get meetings
  • Video – How to create a landing page
  • Video – How to film a VSL
  • Script – VSL Script
  • Video – Sales structure I use to close clients
  • Video – How to onboard a client
  • Checklist – Client onboarding checklist
  • Video – How to get results & deliver your service
  • Checklist – Service delivery checklist
  • Template – Contract Template
  • Video – How to get your first client
  • Framework – Next step framework
  • Course – My cold email course

And as a bonus:
Bonus #1: Message support
If any questions arise, you have direct message support with me.
You can send me a Twitter DM with your question, and I’ll answer your question asap.
But I want you to realize this…
I get questions every day about the lead gen agency business model & how to start one.
I have taken all the questions I get and answered them here on this Starter Pack.
And yeah, I know it’s pretty funny that I call it a “pack.”
It’s a full-blown course!
The reason the starter pack has become so valuable is this:
When I started building my lead gen agency, I had no money. I was dead broke.
So the methods & tools I’m showing here work even if you don’t have a huge budget.
Basically, I’ve taken my agency-building journey, optimized it with the knowledge I now have & packaged it in this starter pack.
If you are willing to go hard, take action & start scaling your own agency to $5k/mo, $10k, $15k, or even to $20k/mo
This is the perfect starter pack for you.
No stone is left unturned, so you can 100% focus on taking action instead of spending hours Googling different solutions and options to your problems.
It’s all here.
If You Don’t Close Your First Client In 60-days, I Will Run To My Laptop And Refund 100% Of The Money You Paid Me!
If you follow the Starter pack and implement all the stuff, you learned for 60 days & STILL don’t close a client, send me an email or DM on Twitter, and I’ll refund everything you paid me.
I’m 100% confident that with this information, you can scale your agency to $5k/mo MINIMUM.
If you take action.
So if you are ready to implement all the stuff from this starter pack and do everything you can to get your first lead gen client, there is 0 risk for you.
I’m confident in this for a reason.
“But… but… how do I know that you are just not making this all up?”
Great question! And here is the answer:
In the past few years, I have,

  • Scaled my lead gen agency to $30k/mo
  • Generated +600 qualified meetings
  • Private coached +70 people
  • Trained +100 sales reps
  • Worked on lead generation for a $1B company
  • Closed $400k in contracts in 2022
  • Collaborated with a lot of big names in the industry
  • Helped 100’s people get their first client
  • Consulted big companies on their lead generation

So I know well how to make $5k/mo with this business model.
So usually, information like this would cost $2000 MINIMUM.
I charge $1000/h when I do consultations.
When I set up this stuff for my clients, they pay me $7k just to get started.
And when people have asked me for coaching on starting their lead gen agency, I have charged $1000-2000 depending on the situation.
Right now, the price of the Starter Pack is $149
But I will 100% raise it in the future.
I just want to get the feedback & opinions first.
So don’t be surprised if you come back to the page and the price is $249 since that’s the price I’m planning on.
You have been warned 😉
So if you want to start building your own Lead Generation Agency and shortcut the significant obstacles you would have in the beginning:
Click “I want this!” and start your journey on building the dream agency that lets you live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.
In 30 days, you’ll wish that you started today!
Any questions?
How much money can I make?
I made $5700 the second month doing this. In the third month, I hit $10k
I had some business knowledge, but this shows you how much potential there is.
Do I need a registered business?
This isn’t legal advice, but every time I get asked this question, I answer:
“Don’t focus on starting an LLC or any registered business yet. Wait until you hit $5k/mo, then start focusing on that.”
That’s what I did & all the people have done who I have coached.
Is cold emailing legal?
Yeah, 100%. I have spent a lot of money talking with lawyers to ensure everything I do is okay. The methods I teach are entirely legal and supported by GDPR.
How much money do I need to start?
As I said, I started this when I was broke. $50 can get you started, but $200 is optimal in the long run.
How long does it take to close my first client?
For me, it took 5 days. For you, it might be different. An excellent timeframe to have is 30 days.
Not closing a client in the first 30 days should be impossible using this information.
What if I don’t have money to hire employees for my agency?
No worry. When starting your agency, you should do it alone. I hired my first virtual assistant after hitting $15k/mo.
You can easily get your agency to $10k-$20k/mo alone!
So are you going to pull the trigger and start building your dream life?
See you inside 🙂


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