Adrienne Dorison – Run Like Clockwork Lite

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Adrienne Dorison – Run Like Clockwork Lite
Original Price: $3997.00
You Just Pay: $199.95 (One Time – 95% OFF)
Author: Adrienne Dorison
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Adrienne Dorison – Run Like Clockwork Lite
Original Price: $3997.00
You Just Pay: $199.95 (One Time – 95% OFF)
Author: Adrienne Dorison
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


If you’re an entrepreneur who’s feeling like YOU’RE the bottleneck to more growth, more freedom + more impact, this is your chance to finally say goodbye to overwork, overwhelm, and limited growth.
This is your opportunity to start designing your business to run like clockwork!
Unfortunately that’s what happens to so many business owners, and I get it!
There are SO many pieces involved + SO MUCH TO DO to keep a business running. And too much of that (or all of it) is currently falling on YOU.
Maybe you even hired some team members thinking that would free up your time…
…(ya know — so that you can focus on the high level work), only to now be bogged down all day with questions + interruptions from the very team members that were hired to make your life easier…
And then you find yourself mumbling under your breath…
and you start having fantasies about firing your entire team, burning half the business to the ground and pretending you’d just be happier as a solopreneur.
But, I’m calling BS on that.
‘Cause that’s not who you are, and growing a team & a business that runs without you doesn’t have to feel this way. You don’t need to be working longer & harder. Actually, quite the opposite. The problem is simple, and so is the solution.
You’ve put in the work. You had the idea. You built this baby from the ground up. You did EVERYTHING until you realized that growing more wouldn’t be possible by just ‘doing more’ yourself, you now know it means building the systems + team to properly support you.
But to get your business running like clockwork… the first step is always KNOWING WHERE YOU ARE NOW, and getting clear on WHERE YOU’RE HEADED!
Overwhelm + overworking stop you from achieving the vision you’re truly capable of. We use our 4D Mix Framework to get clear on the phase of business you’re currently in and this framework helps you focus on exactly what you need right now, while giving you the exact milestones you need to hit to graduate to the next phase.
Then your job becomes really clear + simple: get to the next phase.
Phase One: DOING
You’re still DOING the majority of the time.
You’re spending your days executing tasks + projects.
You may even have team members, but without you continuing to do the actual work, the business wouldn’t survive.
You’re essential to the day-to-day operation and quite frankly there wouldn’t be a business without you there everyday making it happen.
Phase Three: Delegating
You spend a good chunk of your time training, elevating + mentoring the team to make sure they are able to be autonomous in their roles.
You’re working on getting team members to a place where they can operate without you.
Your team members know exactly what to do to achieve the outcomes they’re responsible for and don’t need your approval to make decisions.
Your team members can make decisions without involving you.
They’re experts in their roles and quite honestly they can do the doing even better than you!
Phase Two: Deciding
You spend a lot of time answering questions, approving, reviewing + giving feedback to team members.
You thought having team members would free you up, but at this point all it’s done is bog you down.
You often feel like you’ve answered lots of questions + made 407 decisions at the end of the day.
You’re exhausted & often feel like you never have time to get any of your own work done.
Phase Four: Designing
You spend the majority of your time in the visionary seat of your business.
You have tons of time to strategize, dream up the bigger picture and have lots of SPACE within your work days and weeks.
You’re no longer involved in the day-to-day operation and the business actually grows without your involvement each + every day.
3x Weekly LIVE COACHING CALLS ($10,000 value)
As an RLC Accelerator member, you’ll receive exclusive access to LIVE coaching calls each week hosted by Adrienne + the RLC team. You’ll have the chance to get feedback as you implement Clockwork into your business, get clarity to move you forward faster, and ask questions whenever they arise. We always make sure to be global time-zone friendly and we offer 3 call options every week for you to join when it’s most convenient for you. These calls will offer invaluable insights + opportunities for breakthroughs as you Clockwork your business.
Once you join our Clockwork community, you’ll have the power of the clockwork collective minds behind your business every single day.
You’ll build relationships with other entrepreneurs that are on the same journey as you, get clarity on your biggest questions whenever you need it, and have a constant flow of inspiration on tap.
Feeling lost or stuck? Lacking motivation? Need help, feedback or advice? In this community, no business owner or team member is left behind, and no one is alone. We’re in this together!
A big part of Clockworking your business is allowing your team to support you and contribute in the process. The best way for you to Clockwork faster + more efficiently, as well as make sure it sticks as part of your culture, is to bring your team with you through the program!
You’ll get free access for all of your team members to join us inside the Accelerator program so that they can help you implement the Clockwork system. They can review the training modules, attend live coaching calls, and support you by implementing a lot of the exercises into your business.
We’ve even had CEOs have their team members LEAD this entire process for their business, which gave them more ownership and took the responsibility off the CEO’s plate!
Think of this bonus as having the entire RLC team to do your homework for you, which in many ways, it is.
We’ll give you years of expertly crafted efficiency tools, meticulously tested with thousands of clients, which are packed in done-for-you swipe files + example templates that you can take-n-tweak for your own business.
New hire onboarding, sales, launch promotion, hiring + interview process maps, client onboarding templates, and so much more to speed up the documentation of processes + systems in your own business.
No need to reinvent the wheel, just copy what we already know works!
Frankly, we could easily sell this bonus as a package for more than $2,000, and we know those who’ve read the Clockwork book would be happy to buy it. But we want you to have it absolutely free to help you jumpstart your Clockworking process.
When you enroll in the RLC Business Accelerator, you’ll also get a FREE TICKET to our 2-day VIRTUAL LIVE workshop in early 2021! Yeah, get excited about that…it’s going to be the best virtual experience you and your team have ever attended!
We’ll dive deep into our “bottlenecks” framework during this 2 day experience and bring in leading experts to help you attract more leads, convert more sales, and keep more of your cash.
This will be a capstone event to the program that you won’t want to miss out on!


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