Sales, Simplified by Luisa Zhou

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Sales, Simplified by Luisa Zhou
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Author: Luisa Zhou
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Sales, Simplified by Luisa Zhou
Original Price: $999
You Just Pay: 99.95$(One Time 90% OFF)
Author: Luisa Zhou
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Your business “big sister” is about to cut the B.S. and give it to you straight.
After 8-figures in sales and almost a decade of staying power, here’s what I’ve seen to be the case, without fail, every single time:
If you want to make more sales right now?
It’s a lot less complicated than you might think.
In fact, keep reading to discover…
The simple way to start making more sales…TODAY.
(No matter what stage your business is at, what’s going on with anybody’s “algorithm,” or what’s happening in the economy.)
First, let’s clear up what you don’t need to make more sales right now…
You don’t need to build a fancy funnel first.
You don’t need to work on or perfect just one more “thing.”
And you don’t need a massive audience either.
This isn’t something you’ll hear other business and sales coaches talk about. Because it’s “sexier” to sell a shiny new tactic or script.
But once you learn and implement what I’m about to share with you, you’ll be able to enjoy something much “sexier” anyways — more sales, more consistently, with more ease.
Like the $100,000 in sales I used these steps to make — in just two weeks. Back when that was 20x more than what I would usually make in that time frame.
Also like the consistent five-figure months these steps helped a client’s business grow to. Which was a welcome change from the less than $2,000 she had in her business account when she started.
Hi, “I” am Luisa Zhou (also known simply – and fondly – as LZ). has been a 7-figure business for the last 8 years. When it comes to a personal online business, there are few who’ve been around longer. Or built a more profitable business. Or done so with consistent growth year after year.
Don’t worry — I haven’t let it get to my head. 😛
But what I have picked up is a lot of knowledge and experience about how to make sales…and lots of them.
What’s more…
In LZ Land, Making Sales is SIMPLE.
Maybe with what you’re going through right now, that might feel hard to believe.
In fact, maybe sales feel anything BUT simple as you struggle to figure out,
“What am I missing?”
Or maybe, with so many options for funnels, systems, and strategies, it feels hard to know:
“What actually works?”
“What’s the best use of my time?”
The Real Reason it Can Feel So Hard to Make More Sales…
To be clear:
We’re big on the systems and funnels around here.
But there’s a huge difference.
The systems and more complicated strategies? Will help grow your sales in the future.
But if you can’t bring in the sales now…then you won’t be able to get to that future.
The good news is:
Bringing in the sales NOW?
Is a lot simpler anyways.
Everything you need to start making more sales NOW.
The three simple steps that will guarantee you make more sales than 95% of entrepreneurs. This is not an exaggeration — I’m speaking from almost a decade of observation and experience. (Even if you do these steps imperfectly, and even if you’re not sure you’re doing them completely “right.” As long as you do them every day. Lesson 2.1.)
The single most important factor to making more sales — that’s MUCH more impactful than any individual strategy or tactic. The problem is, most of the sales tactics being taught right now overlook this completely. (But once you know how to do this, you’ll make a lot more sales even if your skills and tactics aren’t that strong yet. This is the reason I was able to make millions before I learned to write a decent sales page. Lesson 2.1.)
How to sell your product with true confidence — so you aren’t held back by “imposter syndrome,” fear of “being a fraud,” or “perfection paralysis.” (This is how I was able to confidently sell out my first ever group coaching program. Even though I didn’t have an established reputation, I was a “nobody,” and I didn’t have a lot of social proof or testimonials either. Lesson 1.4.)
Why one person can far outsell another…even though they might both be using the exact same strategy. (This isn’t a tactic, per say. But I’ll show you the steps to be able to use this advantage for yourself. So you can make any strategy you use that much more effective. Lesson 1.1.)
But that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave you hanging on the strategy part either!
In fact, I’m going to show you exactly…
How to Choose the Best
Strategy For YOU
Ultimately, all your strategy options fall into just a few categories.
And once you understand how to analyze each strategy and what category it falls into, you’ll be able to easily decide what strategy to use, and when, at any point in your business.
So you can know without a doubt that you’re focusing on the best strategy for your business at any given time. And thus actually focus on it without getting distracted by other “shiny objects.” So you get the best results.
Because after this course, you’ll know…
How to cut through the overwhelm and understand every strategy option available for an online service- or training-based business. Plus when and how to make the best use of each one — so you don’t waste time on the wrong strategy and are able to get the best results. (Once you know this, you’ll realize that it really is pretty simple. And you’ll never feel overwhelmed again trying to figure out what to do or when. Lesson 3.1.)
The strategy combinations I recommend — and personally used — to cross over 6-figures, and then 7-figures. (What gets you to 6-figures won’t get you to 7-figures. But using the wrong strategies too early can mean that it actually takes you longer to hit your initial sales goals. It’s all about using the right strategy at the right time…which you’ll know how to do after this lesson. Lesson 3.1.)
The one popular strategy I DO NOT recommend, and why. (Even though it can help you make sales, I believe it’ll actually cost you a lot more than it’s worth in the long run. Lesson 3.1.)
How to set the perfect price as a part of your strategy — and make sales at whatever price point you want. (This is how I’ve been able to successfully sell products even at $100,000+ — often at a much higher rate than the “norm” for my industry or my competitors. And yet still have plenty of customers who are happy to buy at those prices. Lesson 3.4.)
When and how to raise your price — so you can grow your business, feel good about your price, and not lose out on sales. (The only rule I use to determine when to raise my price — and how I do it. Plus, how to respond when a potential customer asks why you raised your price. Lesson 3.4.)
5 Simple Rules for More Sales. These are the exact rules I personally follow in to drive 7-figures in revenue. (Not following Rule #1 is one of the top reasons most entrepreneurs aren’t able to make as many sales as they’d like. Rule #3 is one of the fastest ways to start boosting sales…although very few are actually doing it. Rule #5 is the best way I’ve found to make lots of sales while enjoying your business, feeling fulfilled by what you’re doing and selling, and also adding the MOST value to your audience at the same time. Lesson 3.2.)
But we’re not just going to cover what TO do.
We’re also going to cover a VERY important piece that most sales courses miss…
What to Do if a Strategy
Isn’t Working” for You
So you know what to fix and how to fix it — so you don’t stay stuck and can actually get the results you want!
In fact, I analyzed my own experience and observations from personally coaching over 1,000 entrepreneurs, to break down the 5 Common Obstacles (and Solutions) to Hitting Your Sales Goals.
So after this course, you’ll know…
The #1 reason most entrepreneurs selling services or training don’t hit their sales goals — and how to fix it. (Hint: Most of them are trying to solve the wrong problem. It’s the sales equivalent of running into the same wall over and over — which unfortunately means that many never get past this obstacle! Lesson 4.1.)
If you already have a product, decent marketing and sales skills, and an audience — even if it’s a very small one? The most likely reason you’re not making more sales is actually very simple — and solvable. (This is how I’m usually able to help new clients in this situation quickly boost their sales…sometimes by up to five-figures a month. Lesson 4.1.)
Why “consistency” might not be paying off for you — even though everyone promises that it will. (If you’ve been posting daily on a specific platform but not seeing the results consistency is supposed to bring, the reason why might be hard to hear. But once you know it, you’ll also know exactly how to fix it…so your consistency DOES start paying off. And soon. Lesson 4.1.)
The likely reason why your potential customers aren’t showing any interest in buying from you. Even if it feels like you’re doing “all the things you’re supposed to.” (This mistake is so deadly it can kill your sales. In fact, it once cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars during a single product launch. But it’s so simple to fix once you know how! Lesson 4.1.)
What it takes to NOT have to “persuade” or “convince” someone to buy from you. And instead, have your customers naturally — and simply — buy from your sales messaging. (This is why I never do a “hard sell” or any of the common sales strategies that make you feel like a used car salesman. You don’t have to either! In fact, when you do this right, you’ll not only enjoy making sales a lot more…but you’ll also enjoy a lot more sales too as a result. Lesson 2.2.)
What’s more, we’re going to go beyond the strategies and tactics to something even more important…
Which will not only have you making more sales, but also enjoying your business a lot more too, so you don’t burn out — and in fact grow it, year after year.
To do that, you’re going to learn…
How to Not Only Make More Sales, But Also How to
Genuinely Enjoy Selling
Part of this comes down to your Mindset around selling, which we will absolutely cover. (If you’ve taken any of my Mindset trainings, you know they combine both the mental and tactical pieces you need to get real results.)
But there are also very concrete things you need to know — which I haven’t seen any business or sales coach cover in this way before — to be able to fully and completely believe that selling is one of the best things you can do.
A simple — but incredibly powerful — reframe that will have you finally feeling GOOD about selling. Even if affirmations and telling yourself that “selling is of service!” haven’t been working for you. (As a very logical person and former engineer — who was brought up to view selling as one of the worst things you can do, this is the only way I was able to truly accept how of service and integrity selling can be. Which is how I was able to fully embrace selling…and make a lot more sales. Lesson 1.1.)
The single most important question you MUST be able to answer — for both yourself and your customers — if you want to stand out and be able to make sales with ease. (Being able to answer this requires a very specific breakdown that I’ll walk you through. It’s also possibly the most important question you need to be able to answer. Because if the answer isn’t clear to your customers, you’ll lose them to your competitors. And if the answer isn’t clear to you, you’ll likely eventually fade into the sea of aspiring entrepreneurs who never realize their dream business. Lesson 4.2.)
The six types of guilt that cause most entrepreneurs to sabotage your sales, charge less than you want, and talk yourself into concessions you don’t want to make — like lowering your price or giving too-long payment plans. (Plus, how to address each one so you can confidently sell at the price you want, and the way you want. While feeling good and in complete integrity. Lesson 1.2.)
How to stop being afraid to sell. So you actually feel good about selling…and are able to do it frequently, and well! (We’re going to break down the two most common causes of this fear and how to overcome them. Plus a common pitfall that keeps a lot of entrepreneurs from overcoming their fears. Lesson 1.3.)
The 3 keys to unlocking your own genuine enjoyment of selling — including a simple habit that will also have your customers wanting to buy from you specifically. Which will probably boost your enjoyment even more. 🙂 (Even though the principle is simple, very few actually do it. But doing this has boosted my sales to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars…at least. Lesson 1.4.)
All with the ultimate goal of helping you…
Start making more sales…TODAY.
No complicated funnels. (There’s a time and place for those…but not when your goal is to first make more sales NOW.)
No “shiny” tactics that you’ll lose faith in in just a few days anyways.
Just simple, tried-and-true principles…that work. Fast.
My favorite strategy — that I’ve used since the beginning of my business and still use today — for making sales in a simple, sustainable, and consistently growing way, month after month. (It eliminates a lot of the overwhelm that can come up, AND makes it so easy for you to track your progress…and thus actually grow. I’ve never explained this in this much detail — or broken out the steps for using it this clearly. Lesson 4.3.)
The simple messaging “tweak” that can boost your engagement and help you make more sales right now. (This was the ONLY change I made to a promotion the second time I ran it. That second promotion drove five times the sales of the first promotion. Lesson 2.4.)
My go-to principle, or mantra if you will, that’ll both help you make more sales now…AND…also make more sales, with more ease, as you grow. (This is how I’m able to add more to the business every year — and thus grow the business even more — while working less and less. Lesson 4.3.)
The ONLY type of potential customer top-selling service- and training- providers focus on…and how you can do the same to make a lot more sales. (Like with many of the principles we cover in the course, this is so simple once you know yet…and yet, most people don’t do it. But if you do, you’ll save yourself so much wasted time and energy…while being able to focus that saved time and energy on doing the most efficient and effective activities, to get more sales. Lesson 3.3.)
How to make more sales by becoming infinitely more interesting to your potential customers, even if you’re like me — an introvert who doesn’t have a loud personality or…really, any “super interesting” characteristics. (The truth is, attention is the ultimate currency these days. The good news is, you can get plenty of attention just by being yourself — if you know how. I break down what you need to do, and how, in this lesson. Lesson 4.4.)
Why some make 10x more than others…without 10x the audience, skill, talent, or effort. And how to become one of those who make 10x more. (Using the steps I share with you in this lesson is a large part of why I have the business I do…even though my audience is a lot smaller than most of my peers whose business revenue is on par with mine. Lesson 4.4.)
How to simplify your sales process so you can sell the way YOU want, while hitting — and exceeding — your sales goals. (Including the KEY to being able to sell every day — while also giving incredible value, having your audience enjoy being sold to, and having lots of fun in the process. Lesson 3.2.)
In short, everything you need to start making more sales NOW.
So here’s what that “everything” includes:
Sales, Simplified. is a sixteen lesson video course inside my custom-designed, easy-to-use course website.
What’s more, the video lessons have been created specifically to help you absorb the material faster and better. But you’ll also have transcripted versions of the lesson available so you can use and reference the material at your convenience. Plus, each lesson also includes “Think” & “Do” sections summarizing the takeaways, to help you go from theory to action…and results.
Also included in four of the lessons are a few additional resources (in the Appendix when applicable) to give you more detail as needed. Including an example of how I sell $35,000+ private coaching packages via Direct Message, without having to do sales calls.
As with all I do, everything is concise, to-the-point, and highly valuable. You won’t waste your time on fluff and you’ll get what you need quickly, so you can apply what you learn to grow your sales, asap.
And last but definitely not least, you also get lifetime access so that you can refer back to this information whenever you need.
You’ll get an email with your login information and instant access to the course as soon as you enroll.
And I’m confident that if you implement what you learn in this course, you’re going to be very happy with your ROI.
However, an important note before you buy:
There are no refunds and all sales are final.


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