Regina Anaejionu – 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Coursed

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Regina Anaejionu – 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Coursed
Original Price: $250
You Just Pay: 49.95$(One Time 25% OFF)
Author: Regina Anaejionu
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Regina Anaejionu – 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Coursed
Original Price: $250
You Just Pay: 49.95$(One Time 25% OFF)
Author: Regina Anaejionu
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

⏺ Here are the sections and activities we’ll cover during the 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course:
[Note: you will receive a course dashboard with on-demand lessons for each of the sections immediately after you register for the course; the upcoming live weekend course is our opportunity to explore, implement, and expand on these topics in an intimate group setting. You keep unlimited, lifetime access to the videos (w/ captions) and downloads in the course dashboard.]

✅ Section 1. Brainstorm Powerful Thought Leadership Content Pillars
Most people determine what they “should” talk about online by breaking their main topic down into a handful of sub-topics or categories they can consistently teach on.
For most thought leaders, this approach does more harm than good. It keeps you playing a losing content game. It requires you to constantly churn out post after post to “keep up” with others . . . but teaching the “sub-topics” of your work or industry doesn’t create content that stands out like you need it to.
In Section 1 of the course, you’ll learn to plan the majority of your content around four true gaps people need filled in order to take action on what you’re saying, and around a handful of unique “angles” that differentiate your thought leadership content from the content your ideal audience is bombarded with every day: “3 steps to hack [some goal] without [doing any real work]” 🙄.
You’ll also go through an exercise (that you can return to for years to come) to help you develop a true “monopoly” on your unique approach to the problems or opportunities in your industry/community/initiative.
✅ Section 2. Understand Your Thought Leadership Type and Phase (and What It Means for the Content You Publish)
During this session, we will define your true goal as a thought leader. You will discover which of the three types of thought leaders you are (activating, systematic, or elite service), and what might be missing from your content if you don’t incorporate your “type.”
You will also uncover what phase of thought leadership you are in (emerging or refining) and what you need to focus on if you’re building your platform from scratch vs. tweaking or pivoting an already established platform.
Note: about half of the thought leaders who’ve gone through this course are building a true “thought leadership” presence online for the first time, and the other half are refining a platform with an already engaged audience. Wherever you are in the journey, you belong in class with us and will have ideas tailored to you.
✅ Section 3. Build Your Evergreen Sales Ecosystem with Capstone Projects
In this section of the course, you’ll be guided through the elements and benefits of an “always-on” thought leadership sales ecosystem. Basically: we help you outline and select the right evergreen thought leadership content that can work together as an “ecosystem” that’s always bringing new people to your ideas and selling your most important offers and programs.
Note: this section will still be extremely relevant if you run/assist a nonprofit organization.
Because building an evergreen sales ecosystem involves more than one part, we break Section 3 of the course down into 6 individual lessons:
An introduction into evergreen sales ecosystems for thought leaders (these are far above your standard “know-like-trust sales funnel” you may have heard of)
An introduction to using Lean Evergreen Ads™ (~$3/day) to grow your thought leadership and why it’s best to create thought leadership ads over basic/common ones.
An introduction to organic search engine optimized (SEO) content for your thought leadership platform. We cover free ways to grow your audience and sales with video, audio, and text-based content.
An overview session on creating a signature thought leadership workshop to fill out your ecosystem and serve as an introductory product (that can warm people up for your deeper offers, when applicable).
An overview session on publishing 1 of 4 thought leadership books—that, for the first time, includes a mini-case-study of my experience earning over $100,000 USD in profit from my second print book.
An overview session on launching a recurring subscription (such as a paid newsletter) to further your goals and platform.
The latter 3 sessions are “capstone projects” you can complete over the next 1 – 6 months, and the top 3 sessions are what will help you sell what you create along with your deeper offers. Many members of the 3-Day Course tell us this is the section that unlocked everything for them.
✅ Section 4. Select The Best Platforms (and Formats) for Your Publishing
In this section, we cover what platforms (ex: LinkedIn, a podcast, a blog, Instagram, scientific journals, etc.) and formats (essays, short videos, etc.) best meet your publishing needs—based on your audience and your business or platform goals.
In other words: this is your guided section to determine which platforms (social media and otherwise) are actually worth your time and aligned with your goals.
We will do this by first going through an exercise that helps you determine your audience’s awareness stages (do they have a true grasp on the problem or opportunity in front of them? are they actively seeking solutions? will they be able to differentiate your solutions and programs from others?) so that you know what content is most likely to reach and impact the people you want to help.
We will then translate their awareness and context levels into the best formats and platforms for your work in an essential exercise you will not want to miss.
✅ Section 5. Embrace Thought Leadership Content Laddering
In this section, we cover the primary system you can put in place to have prolific impact through what you publish, even as you publish fewer and fewer pieces.
This is another one of the biggest “aha” moments in the course, and is also the thing people tell us makes the biggest difference in how they spend their time after the course.
How can you get the most out of all your temporary/depreciating content (like social media, DMs, and emails) as well as your evergreen/appreciating content (books, articles, long-form videos, audio episodes, etc.)?
Content laddering.
You will learn the system of “upcycling” your ideas instead of simply “repurposing” your content on different platforms.
We also share strategies specific to online growth if you are starting from true scratch—and you might be elated to find that the majority of actions you can take have nothing to do with social media.
✅ Section 6. Pick Your Platform Enhancers
In this section of the course, we will cover a handful of projects for you to consider completing (or hiring out for) to elevate your online platform as a thought leader.
We will give you:
a shot list for ideal photographs you may want on your website and in other collateral
a list of pages and elements that belong on the website of an industry leader
and more
✅ Section 7. Launch Your Thought Leadership Idea Management Center™
During the last official section of the course (the next section is a bonus 🙌🏽), we will give you ideas for molding your new Idea Management Center™—explained in a section below—to work for you.
Even though you’ll receive the template (built out in software called Notion) at the beginning of the course, and will be able to fill it in and use it as you go through each section in the course, Section 7 goes deeper on how to modify it for the way you work and how to practically use it each week . . . as in: what’s your workflow once in the Center?
✅ [Bonus 🎉] Section 8. The 28-Day Intellectual Property Push
After you take the 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course, you will have lots of new ideas to implement. As a bonus experience to your course, we’ve created a guided, 4-week challenge for you to help you publish more of your intellectual property.
During this “IP Push” you will get a new mini-lesson and set of prompts each week to make it simple for you to practice publishing powerful thought leadership content as articles, short-form social content, essays, and more.


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