Mark Lack – The Personal Branding Accelerator

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Mark Lack – The Personal Branding Accelerator
Original Price: $5997.00
You Just Pay: $99.95 (One Time – 98% Off)
Author:_Mark Lack
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Mark Lack – The Personal Branding Accelerator
Original Price: $5997.00
You Just Pay: $99.95 (One Time – 98% Off)
Author:_Mark Lack
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Can This ONE Thing Really Double Your Business In 2019?
How You Can Cash In On The “Missing Marketing Link” My Clients And I Use to Generate 7-8 Figures, Become The Authority, and Impact Millions of People
For The First-Time I’m Sharing My Proven Blueprint On How To Influence More People, Magnetically Attract More Clients and Double Your Business in 2019…
Hi, I’m Mark Lack.
For the first-time ever, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and reveal…
… the “missing marketing link” you can use to double your income, influence and impact right now in 2019.
In just a moment I’m going to share with you how this “missing marketing link” you’re going to now be able to implement…
Took me from struggling just to consistently make $10K per month, never getting invited or paid to speak on stage, no big name celebrity brand or influencers would give me the time of day, meet with me and definitely not partner with me…
And I always was worried about where my next client would come from… hoping and praying I could cover my monthly bills.
Now after implementing this “missing marketing link” in my own business…within 18 months…
I am consistently earning 6-figures per month. Getting $10,000 per day for my consulting. Averaging $15,000 per hour for a paid speech. Also, I am now interviewing and partnering up with some of the biggest celebrity brands and influencers in the world.
Since implementing this “missing link” in my business, I’ve had the privilege to share the stage with some of the biggest celebrities, business mavericks, and thought leaders in the world…
In addition, I’m on the board of two non-profit charities helping underprivileged people get access to better education. Which is a huge passion of mine.
All of these incredible results happened because I followed the same process you’re learning about right now and that you’re going to take action to implement so you can achieve similar results fast!
What you’ll see today is the exact same strategy my clients and I have been quietly using for years to generate millions of dollars in revenue.
So if you’re tired of struggling to attract new clients… get paid what you’re worth… gain traction online … and if you feel like your message is drowned-out by the sea of competition, I know how you feel because that used to be me… So pay close attention because this could transform your business forever.
Bold Claim, I Know
However, it’s one I’m fully confident making…
Because what you’re about to discover is the same marketing secret that industry legends like Jay Abraham, Les Brown and hundreds of others have received my strategic advice on.
You see, this little-known strategy is overlooked by almost all other marketers, which is why:
Companies invest $10,000/day for my services.
Conferences pay me to share it with their audiences.
In my twenties, I built a 7-figure business from nothing.
But most importantly…
Because this “missing link” is misunderstood and ignored by most business owners, you can use it to quickly gain an unfair advantage that allows you to dominate your competition, generate thousands of leads and flood your business with multiple new revenue sources.
Rather than me just talking about the results I’ve been able to create, even more importantly, let me show you what this has done for my clients like Mike Arce, the founder of Loud Rumor…
“He Gave Me A Strategy… It Brought Me $104,000.00″
“Within the first day of working with Mark, he actually gave me a strategy on how to partner with a really big organization within my industry and it’s brought me $104,000.00”
Or Balazs Kardos, founder of The Global Prosperity Movement who said…
“I Made Over $150,000.00 in Profit…”
“In one 30 day period of time, with Mark’s help, I made over $150,000.00 in profit which was mind blowing, from something that was relatively easy to put together.”
Or Patch Baker, founder of Mobius Media Solutions whose growth was so insane I had to screenshot it… (you can see below)
“Using His Techniques… I closed $1.2M in sales in 27 days.”
“Using his techniques, I expanded my network and I closed $1.2M in sales in the first 27 days.”
Here’s the screen shot from Patch Baker
I’m super proud of my clients for taking massive action and getting the results they’ve got thus far… and it’s only just the beginning for them, and for YOU!
Now, although I can’t promise that you’ll experience the same results as Mike, Balazs, Patch and my other clients (who you’ll meet in just a moment)…
Here’s What I Can Promise You…
Whether you’re already crushing it and making 6 or even 7 -figures, or you’re just getting started and looking to enroll your next high paying client…
I believe ethically exploiting this “Missing Marketing Link” is the fastest, most predictable way to trigger massive growth in your income, influence and impact.
Just imagine…
Doubling or even tripling your fees.
Attracting only the hottest “ready to buy” prospects.
Never chasing leads or traffic again, instead letting it flow to you.
Influencing thousands of people as a trusted advisor in your industry.
Instantly growing your audience, fan-base and authority.
This can all be engineered, you simply need a proven blueprint to follow.
One that consistently floods your business with new traffic and predictably converts your leads into customers.
Having worked with and consulted thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs in dozens of industries, we’ve distilled this down to a science.
And Now For The First-Time Ever, I’m
Sharing The Blueprint With You…
Until now, the only way to get this information was through my consulting services that start at $10,000 per day.
* Above you can see just a few of our superstar clients who made the investment in themselves and their future success.
However, today I’m going to show you how to get the exact same blueprint and strategies… without a big investment or even risking a penny!
Here’s what I mean…
You see, for the past 4 years I’ve been showing entrepreneurs from all walks of life how to make more money, create more impact and live the life of their dreams by implementing this “Missing Marketing Link” in their business…
I’ve been blessed enough to share this strategy with some of the biggest names in the business education industry, not to mention thousands of other successful entrepreneurs.
They all get my strategic guidance on how to develop, launch, monetize and scale this “Missing Link” because with more and more competitors entering the marketplace every day…
… it is no longer enough to just have a great product or service.
With hundreds, even thousands, of businesses screaming for your prospects attention, you simply cannot rely on the same worn-out marketing strategies that used to work.
And if you don’t adjust your strategy to the shifting landscape online it will be…
The Death of Your Business
Now, it might be a slow death… might not even realize it’s happening.
But you’ll slowly see the symptoms slide in, poisoning your growth.
Who knows, you may already be seeing some of them?
Like less engagement on your content… lower conversions on your landing pages, tripwires and sales pages… fewer email “opens”… higher advertising costs… razor-thin profit margins… and the list goes on.
This is why smart marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners are beginning to focus on the missing marketing link. It’s what gives them an unfair advantage and allows them to stand out from the sea of competitors in their market.
You see, this strategy is based on one fundamental truth…
Your Prospects Demand A Reason
Why They Should Choose You
Listen: if your prospect does not have a compelling reason to choose YOU and YOUR business – they will never buy from you.
Instead, they’ll just stick to a business they already know, like and trust… or… they’ll “shop around” for the lowest price.
And, if you’re like the thousands of entrepreneurs I see and…
Your content gets ignored
Your sales funnels won’t convert
You struggle to stand-out from the competition
You can’t consistently generate traffic, leads and sales
You have to jump from new strategy to new strategy
It’s because…
Your Business – Big Or Small – Is Missing
This One Hidden Marketing “Link”…
… and it’s strangling your growth potential.
You see, without this “link” connecting your marketing and messaging to your audience, your prospects will have no reason to follow you, listen to you, like you or trust you.
In other words, they have no reason to choose you or your business and give you their money.
To Fix This And Scale Your Business
You Must Develop Your Personal Brand
That’s right. Read it again if you have to.
The missing link in your marketing and business is your lack of a coherent personal brand that attracts your audience, establishes trust and systematically turns your cold prospects into fans, then into loyal followers and then into raving customers.
You see, it is your personal brand that differentiates you from the competition.
It’s what attracts your ideal prospect.
It’s what bonds your prospect to you and your business.
It’s what allows you to stand out in a sea of businesses all screaming for attention.
Most entrepreneurs and professionals don’t intellectually understand how much their personal brand is impacting the trajectory of their success.
However, the really successful entrepreneurs, entertainers and thought leaders all know the importance of their personal brand which is why they focus so much on leveraging it, whether it be to generate more money, opportunities or a larger impact in the world.
Here’s a picture of me (at an event I spoke at) in the back stage private “speakers room” where the combined net worth in the room exceeded 5 BILLION Dollars… You may recognize a few of the people.
Ed Mylett, Lewis Howes, Andy Frisella, Tom Bileau, Cody Sperber, Billy Gene, Sean Whalen, Bedros Keuilian and me.
We are all on stage because of our personal brands; you can be too when you build your personal brand by following our proven step by step process.
But here’s the critical factor most entrepreneurs forget…
You Already Have A Personal Brand And
Right Now It’s Either Helping You or Hurting You
It doesn’t matter if you never tried to build a personal brand.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t want one.
The fact remains – as an entrepreneur – you have a personal brand.
You see, it’s not about being an author, podcaster, influencer, speaker or anything like that. It’s much simpler.
Your personal brand is simply how the world perceives you.
So right now, you’re either attracting or repelling your audience.
Every piece of content you release, every message you send and every word spoken is having a direct impact on your relationship with your audience.
Which is why it’s absolutely critical to develop and control your personal brand… because… if you don’t have a coherent message your audience will never truly connect with you.
So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to scale up fast…
…. a well-executed personal branding strategy is what allows you to dominate the competition, attract floods of new customers, become an influencer in your space and add tens of thousands to millions of dollars to your bottom-line.
And, if you want to double your income, influence and impact, you need to…
Develop, Launch, Monetize And Scale
Your Personal Brand So You Can
Instantly Establish Authority In Your Market
Get Invited to Speak On Stages Around The World
Build a Raving Fan-base Who’ll Buy Anything You Offer
Stop Worrying About Where You’ll Get Your Next Client
Get Featured On The Biggest Media Channels In Your Industry
Consistently & Predictably Generate Floods of New Traffic & Leads
Network & Partner With The Biggest Influencers In Your Space
Finally Charge Premium Prices For Your Products and Services
And so much more.
Now, I’m inviting you to join the new game changer, community based membership and mentorship program that’ll show you how to engineer faster-than-ever growth in your business through the power of personal branding.
Get Access To This Proven Blueprint
Plus, lock in 7 FREE bonus gifts worth $32,041.
And, just so you know, that’s not some hyped-up inflated value.
It’s the real world value of the bonuses you’re going to get (many of which have never been publicly available like this before).
Just last year alone, the content, insights and strategies in these bonus gifts generated over $10 Million Dollars in revenue for my clients and I.
And, in just a moment I’ll walk you through each of the bonuses you’re getting.
But First, Let Me Introduce You To…
The Personal Branding Accelerator
The proven step-by-step blueprint for developing, launching, monetizing and scaling your personal brand… even if you’re starting with no audience, experience or connections.
This is the exact system my clients usually pay me $10,000+ per day to implement in their business.
But now, for the first time, every step of my Personal Branding Blueprint is laid out in an easy-to-follow training system that eliminates any confusion, guesswork or overwhelm as you effortlessly build your personal brand like a pro.
Over 100 lessons all delivered via HD video and broken down into a short, step-by-step process for you to easily follow.
Plus, as you progress through The Personal Branding Accelerator Course I’ll be your virtual mentor every step of the way. Because I’ll be answering your questions LIVE on camera twice every month, giving you the guidance needed to shorten your learning curve and accelerate your results.
Join Program
Take a sneak peak in the program
Here’s Just Some of The Business Growth Secrets You’ll Learn Inside The Personal Branding Accelerator…
The step-by-step system for developing, launching, monetizing and rapidly scaling your personal brand… even if you’re starting without an audience.
How to turn your new personal brand into an extra $1,000 – $10,000 per month… (You’ll get the exact roadmap for doing this within 60 days – guaranteed)
“Marketing Omnipresence” – How to put your message in front of millions of targeted prospects… without spending a dime… so you can become an authority for FREE.
“Paradigm Shifting Marketing” – The counterintuitive strategy for magnetically attracting your perfect “ready-to-buy” prospects.
How to automate your Personal Branding Blueprint so your business fills up with new leads and buyers every minute of every day… without you lifting a finger.
How to use personal branding to skyrocket your income, impact and influence.
My Secret Weapon – “The K.L.T Funnel” – Discover how to trigger floods of new traffic, leads and customers using this simple 3-step marketing funnel…
PLUS… You’ll learn how to launch your profit-producing “KLT Funnel” in just 7-days… without complicated tech or hiring expensive copywriters.
How to position and present yourself (or your business) so you can charge premium prices and finally get paid what you deserve… (and how to do it without killing your conversion rates).
Using this one strategy you can walkaway from The Escape Velocity VIP Workshop and confidentially double… even triple… your prices.
You’ll discover how to use personal branding to create instant authority, trust and expert positioning in your market.
How to ensure your prospects stick with you and don’t “shop around” for other solutions… (this is the secret to creating life-long customers who are worth tens of thousands of dollars)
Why personal branding is the “glue” that bonds all your marketing efforts together and exponentially increases the effectiveness of each element.
How my “KLT System” is designed to cut “the fat” from your funnel and leave you with only the hottest, A-List prospects… finally you can stop wasting your time with people who aren’t ready to buy!
The “Hangout Hot Spot” Strategy – How to build a raving fan base from scratch by uncovering the untapped desires of your audience and giving them what they’re secretly begging for!
(If you’re in a crowded market – this one strategy could literally transform your business – almost instantly)
Why Sales Funnels Fail! You must take your leads through these three “stages of awareness” if you ever want them to buy… (critical if you sell services or high-ticket items).
“The 3 Pillars of Monetizing Content” – How to make money from your articles, videos and social posts.
Discover the secret of “Content Audience Inception”… and… how you can leverage this strategy to ethically influence people to buy your products and services… with almost zero sales resistance.
The ONE thing your prospect must believe if they’re ever going to buy from you…
Revealed – the “Three Business Letters” that separate the successful from the struggling. (I paid John Assaraf over $25,000 to learn this – and it was worth every dollar – after going through this membership & training system you’ll know it too).
“Media Inception” the strategy used to generate 70,000,000 video views… for just $100…
… and I’ll show you how to unlock more traffic than you can handle using the same Media Inception strategy.
The 4 ingredients consistently used in creating viral content!
How to leverage your influence to get paid speaking gigs, new business partnerships, guest media appearances, big affiliate deals and much more!
Why you DON’T need a book, blog, podcast or YouTube channel to become an authority in your market – (Implement the “Authority Alignment” rule and you can shortcut how long it takes to build a profit-producing fanbase).
The little-known “disease” that kills most businesses before they even start.
The ONE step you must take before building an email list! Almost all marketers try to skip-past this and if you struggle to get your emails opened, read and clicked… it’s probably because you didn’t do this.
The secret to connecting with anyone and getting them to appear on your platform… even if they’ve never heard of you!
Through years of testing I’ve refined this process to have a 87% success rate… and I assure you that it will work for YOU too!
This is how I got interviews with billionaire Tilman Fertitta, Grant Cardone, John Assaraf, Daymond John and hundreds of other legends in my industry.
How to get featured on your industry’s biggest media outlets… (this process has put myself and my clients in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine and dozens of others).
How to “engineer” your media appearances so you suck out the maximum fans, followers and money from their platform!
2-Step Process for borrowing your competitor’s audience and turning their followers into your raving fans and customers.
60-second “Hook” framework that increases your average video-view retention by up to 350%.
The “C.Q.V.F.Y” Formula – How to effortlessly sell high-priced offers… without feeling salesy or using pressure tactics.
The secret for engineering instant trust with your prospects! (This is essential if your market is skeptical and hypersensitive to being sold or marketed too)
The 3-F’s Framework – How to establish rapport with your audience and make them feel like you truly understand them, their situation and their problems. (This works in person, over the phone or through the written word).
How to build a network worth millions of dollars using “Authority Alignment”
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With over 100 videos inside The Personal Branding Accelerator there is too much to list here.
“In one 30 day period of time, with Mark’s coaching and his help, I made over $150,000.00 in profit which was mind blowing, from something that was relatively easy to put together. I Just didn’t know what I didn’t know and Mark was the one that was able to show me that.”
Balazs W. Kardos
Founder, Global Prosperity Movement
“From a billion dollars in ad spend on Facebook to other speakers that talk about conversion funnels to working with influencers to maximize your ability to get connected to the right people you want to get connected to. Its been absolutely massive.”
Ray DelMuro
Founder, Refresh Glass
“It’s really unique, and I am a life learner
but this was something special”
Laurel Roach
TriFIT Wellness Owner
“not only are they giving you the tools but they are going to show you how they put it together. Nobody cares what results they got, people only care what you are going to get and you owe it to yourself.”
Elijah Rubin
WIIN Investments Founder
“I made over $50,000.00 in 14 days from Mark’s coaching and from following his process when launching my first course ever. This is worth every penny.”
Stephanie Blake
Founder, Social Sparrow
“Because he undersells and overdelivers and its value driven and it’s impact over income. You are going to learn a blueprint, a step-by-step process on how to build your personal brand”
“I just know exactly where to go now, I have a complete blueprint on how to make this happen.”
Zachary Babcock
Founder, Win With Zach
“Mark helped me triple my business and hit our first million dollar year. Best investment I ever made for my business and family!”
Liz Cox
Founder – Books To Go book keeping
“an absolute game changer for myself and for my business going forward…
It makes you realize that you are playing small sometimes, and you have to have these other people, these other authorities kick you in the ass…”
Eric & Chris Martinez
Dynamic Duo Training
“I feel ecstatic, enthusiastic, excited, at peace, understood. I feel so compelled to get what I need to get done because I feel the clarity now more than I have ever felt it in my life…
Legacy Perez
Founder, Legacy Home Investments
“Within the first day of working with Mark, he actually gave me a strategy on how to partner with a really big organization within my industry and it’s brought me $104,000.00″
Mike Arce
Founder, Loud Rumor
Plus, Inside The Accelerator You’ll Also Get:
2x Monthly LIVE Mastery Webinars
Business and marketing is fast-paced and ever changing.
So every other week you’ll join me for a live online webinar where I’ll share the most up-to-date strategies and techniques that you can use to create bigger-than-ever breakthroughs. But that’s not all…
… you’ll also get free coaching because each webinar will end with a Q&A where you can ask me questions, pick my brain and get direct one on one feedback and guidance from me.
And, of course, every webinar will be recorded so you can watch them later or revisit them whenever you want.
Private Mastermind Community
Instantly you’ll have your own personal mastermind network.
You’ll finally have an eilite private community where you can connect with entrepreneurs from all around the world.
Inside you’ll get bonus resources; detailed support and feedback; new insights and strategies and a ton more. Plus – along with your new network – both my team and I will be inside answering your questions every day.
Access To My “Billion Dollar Network”
Over the past 4 years – (using the strategies you’ll learn) – I’ve cultivated a network of friends, mentors, partners and clients who’ve generated billions of dollars in revenue.
And as a member of The Personal Branding Accelerator, you’ll get access to them via private training events, Q&A’s and coaching sessions.
Here’s Just A Few of The Elite Entrepreneurs
You’ll Be Learning From…
Dennis Yu
Peter J. Voogd
The Game Changers Academy
John Lee Dumas
Entrepreneur On Fire
Billy Gene
Billy Gene Is Marketing
Nick Kusmich
Leading FB Ads Expert
Cole Hatter
THRIVE Conference
John Assaraf
Neuro Gym
Preston Smiles
The Bridge Method
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Every month I’ll bring a new expert to The Personal Branding Accelerator community and they’ll reveal their most closely-coveted strategies for crushing your competition and skyrocketing your business growth.
Plus, on our training calls with these marketing legends you’ll be able to ask them questions and get their multi-million dollar insights for your business.
So, if you’re finally ready to achieve the results you deserve in business… and… you want the proven step-by-step system for doubling your income, impact and influence through the power of personal branding…
Click Here Now To Join The Personal Branding Accelerator
In the past, I’ve only shared my entire Personal Branding Blueprint with my high-paying consulting clients. And, although this system is proven like following a recipe – that’s generated millions of dollars in revenue – this is the first-time I’ve delivered the material in a digital format at an affordable price point.
You’ll Get Lifetime Access To My Personal Branding Accelerator
I’m giving you the opportunity to get lifetime access to this entire program and membership (plus $32,041 in free bonus gifts) for just one investment of $5,997.
Just click the button below now to take advantage of this special offer.
Click Here Now To Join The Personal Branding Accelerator
You’ll be taken to a secure order form, encrypted with the latest 228-bit technology for your protection. Thanks to our super amazing tech team!
Then, you’ll get lifetime access to the industry proven blueprint for building, launching, monetizing and scaling your personal brand, including:
The Personal Branding Blueprint Trainings (your recipe for success)
Bi-weekly [Live] Q&A Video Trainings (for accountability & guidance)
Private Mastermind Community (for support & connections)
My “Billion Dollar Network” (for access & collaborations)
Not to mention…
7 FREE Bonus Gifts Worth $32,041
#1: 90 Ways to Boost Your Ad’s Performance
If you’ve ever tried to profitably run paid advertising you’ll know it can seem like an impossible task. In this guide you’ll get 90 different ways to optimize your ads so you can finally acquire customers profitably.
#2: The Escape Velocity VIP Vault (unlocked)
The Escape Velocity VIP workshop is $2,500 per person to attend 2-days.
Over two intense days myself and a handful of elite marketers share our insights and strategies for rapidly growing your business.
In 2017 alone, the strategies shared at The Escape Velocity VIP event generated $10 Million Dollars worth of new revenue. Luckily for you, these value-packed sessions are all recorded and available to you.
When you join The Personal Branding Accelerator today, you’ll get access to all the value packed training sessions (a $2,500.00 value) you don’t have to pay a dime for it, it’s FREE to you because you’re a member.
#3: Paradigm Shifting Marketing
This is a 2-hour long training session I hosted for a high-level mastermind group in Arizona where I made tens of thousands of dollars.
In the recording you’ll learn how to leverage Paradigm Shifts in your marketing to magnetically attract your ideal customers – even in the most crowded markets. (people in the room were blown away by this training)
#4: The Top Business Rockstars Interviews
As the host of the TV show “Business Rockstars” I’ve interviewed over 1,000 entrepreneurs and business-leaders from around the world (such as Daymond John, Tilman Fertitta, John Assaraf, Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone and Andy Frisella).
These interviews are usually for Business Rockstar members only, however you’ll get free access when you join The Personal Branding Accelerator today.
#5: My Proven Personal Branding Templates
Over the past 4-years I’ve spent countless hours testing, refining and perfecting all aspects of my business and hundreds of my millionaire clients as well…
… from high-converting landing pages, to profit-producing Facebook Ads and from emails that land you on virtually any publication, to sales scripts that have sold millions and how to generate free PR for yourself…
You’ll get dozens of “copy and paste” templates you can use to effortlessly grow your personal brand leading to you generating floods of traffic, leads and sales…
… without investing thousands in expensive copywriters, designers and marketers. I already did that part for you.
#6: The Coveted $20,000.00 Mastermind
Every 6 months we do a highly exclusive invite only mastermind. Filled with 30 people looking to grow past the 7-figure level in their business.
Each individual invested 15K to 20K depending on the payment option they chose… just to be part of our mastermind for 6 months.
You’re going to get never-before released recordings of every conversation we had over the 6 months of our mastermind.
… without investing tens of thousands of dollars to be part of it.
#7: How To Reach One Million People in 42 Days
This training will show you step-by-step how you can reach one million people or any number of people you want within 42 days.
You will have the secret weapon used by many of the top personal brands online to become omnipresent, and be seen everywhere by your niche.
All together, these bonuses have a real-world value of $32,041.
But they are yours FREE when you take advantage of this special offer now and join today.


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