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Chase Hughes – IT factor building charisma course
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The ‘IT’ Factor – Manufacturing ​Charisma
For success to happen, we need four things: (Rich Guzzi)
1. Skill – How indispensable are your skills?
2. Marketing – How effectively can you sell those skills?
3. Outsourcing – How good are you at delegating duties you aren’t good at?
​4. The ‘It-Factor’ – Intangible magnetism (until now)
The hardest trait to develop, and often the most elusive, is the ‘it factor’ –
​hard to define, but easy to spot.
The ‘it factor’ or ‘X-Factor’ as some refer to it, is a magnetic presence that draws people in wherever they go. They usually have an unusual calmness, confidence, assertiveness, dominance, authenticity, and focus, and almost always possess superb conversational and verbal skills.
It’s why we vote, who we read about, who we follow, and often how we spend our money. The ‘it factor’ person is able to create a bubble around them, enveloping and capturing the focus, attention, and admiration of people in their presence.
In this course, join Rich Guzzi and Chase Hughes in an unforgettable course-changing event.
We will expose what we have collectively spent a lifetime studying, and what you will not find anywhere else in the world.
In this 8-hour session you’ll discover a step-by-step methodology for manufacturing charisma, magnetic personality, and leadership skills you won’t find anywhere else.
Rich Guzzi will walk you through every aspect of designing a whole new you, and show you the exact formula to literally 10X your level of social influence. Chase will show you how influence works in the brain, and how to speak, behave, and move in ways that trigger the magnetism switch in anyone’s brain. Chase unpacks twenty years of research into the exact personal qualities that make you influential and what single thing you can do immediately to hijack the ‘like switch’ in anyone you meet.
In this course, Chase dissects the elements of unforgettability; immediately do this technique to make every single conversation unforgettable, and dramatically captivate anyone in the room. This section of the training also includes a personal assessment that will highlight every single trait, and provides you a massively detailed map of exactly what to do – based on you, not some generic quiz or self-improvement map.
The ‘it factor’ person can produce strong chemicals in anyone they meet – learn how to generate unstoppable focus like the world’s leading influencers and leaders.
Rich Guzzi has spent 30+ years in the industry of comedy and conversation. Not only is Rich a celebrity hypnotist, he’s spent a lifetime honing his craft, and he’s going to share all of the formula’s he’s created with YOU. Small talk, conversations, comedy, and a little hypnosis trick you can use covertly in any conversation.


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