April – Elevate with eCommerce

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April – Elevate with eCommerce
Original Price: $1449
You Just Pay: 109.95$(One Time 90% OFF)
Author: April
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


April – Elevate with eCommerce
Original Price: $1449
You Just Pay: 109.95$(One Time 90% OFF)
Author: April
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

What You GEt:
Module 1: Client Attraction & Onboarding
We dive head-first into the essential skills of attracting and onboarding clients, a crucial first step in your Shopify design journey. This module is designed to transform your approach to client interactions, ensuring you start every project on the right foot.
• Attracting the Ideal Client
• The Art of the Discovery Call
• Onboarding Processes & Best Practices
• Establishing Trust and Credibility
• Setting the Project Scope and Expectations
• Pricing your Projects Formula
• The Website Planner (Lead Magnet) Template
• Attracting Dream Clients Workbook
• Onboarding Process Checklist
• Declining Projects Prompts Guide
• Setting Boundaries Prompt Guide
• Project Proposal Template (Canva & InDesign)
• Four interactive quizzes
Module 02: Project & Asset Management
This module delves into the critical world of project management, specifically tailored for Shopify design projects. This module is crafted to empower you with the know-how to manage projects efficiently, ensuring each step progresses smoothly towards success.
• Fundamentals of successful project management
• Effective communication and collaboration
• Project Management overview leveraging Asana as your Platform
• Becoming a Shopify Partner
• Creating (free) Development Stores
• Assets management inside of Google Drive
• Asana Board Template (specific to a Shopify Project)
• Client Welcome Email Script
• Master Google Drive Format
• Copy & SEO Guide Template (Canva)
• Product Photography Guide Template (Canva)
Module 03: Product Importing & Integration
Module three focuses on the essentials of product management within Shopify plus the planning stages of pages, blogs and juicy product information with Metafields & Metaobjects. This module is carefully designed to provide you with a thorough understanding and hands-on skills in managing products and content pages essential to any Shopify website.
• Deep focus on the Products Dashboard
• Bulk Importing products in a flash
• Collection and Product Mapping
• Adding blogs
• Adding pages & page templates
• Metafield mapping with examples
• Metaobject mapping with examples
• Ins and outs of navigation & sitemap planning
• Customising your default theme content (ie. overriding Shopifys ‘boring’ words like add to cart & making them on-brand)
• Fully mapped product CSV’s ready for import
• Shopify Terms Ideas Library Spreadsheet
• Two Interactive Quizzes
Module 04: Let the fun begin!👩‍
Module four is where the fun begins! We have laid the foundation of our site with our product, pages & brand information integrated, now its time to work our magic & begin customising our theme. I also include the CSS Series – a library of over 10+ (and growing) lessons teaching you tips & tricks to elevate your designs using simple CSS. This is the Module you came for, and we have delivered the goods!
• Original vs. 2.0 Themes and the key differences/what to look for
• How to conduct design research to ensure you have direction for your site design and theme choice
• Introduction to the theme editor
• Getting started with CSS
• Adding custom fonts, customising elements, hiding sections, manipulating flex sections, creating transparent headers, targeting and styling text, targetting other CSS classes & SO MUCH MORE!
• Choosing and Theme
• Entire walk-through of me designing The Minimalist Fragrance House site
•Entire walk-through of me designing Femme Haus Loungewear (coming soon)
• Design Research Workbook
• Notion CSS Library
• Notion Theme Library
• Custom ‘Featured Product Section’ ready to plug into any free Shopify Theme
• 2 Interactive Quizzes
• Submit your site design for personalised feedback
Module 05: Apps & Marketing
Module Five is dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of Shopify apps. This module offers comprehensive insights into the most popular and highly requested Shopify apps and functions, equipping you with the know-how to enhance your eCommerce sites’ functionality and user experience.
• Discounts & discount strategies
• Build a Bundle (no app required)
• Upsell Product Integration (no app required)
• Favourite App Overview
• Creating Gift Cards
• Shopify Forms App deep-dive
• Shopify Email Marketing App deep-dive (lesson dropping by Mid December ‘23)
• Free Gift at Cart App walk-through
• Judgeme Reviews App Configuration
• The solution to Shopifys 100 elusive variant limit
• Klaviyo Email Marketing deep-dive (coming soon)
• Notion App Library
• Interactive Quizzes
Module 06: Shopify Backend Settings & Launching
Module six takes you through the vital aspects of Shopify’s back-end settings and the critical steps for preparing your site for launch. This module is tailored to give you a comprehensive understanding of the setup and configuration processes that ensure a smooth and successful launch of your Shopify store.
• Handing over site ownership to your client
• Shopify backend business settings configuration
• Shipping settings
• SEO and Google Console
• Creating site mockups and assets in Photoshop
Bonus Lessons
Our bonus lessons are here to help you zero in on specific shopify challenges that may pop up plus some exciting GUEST APPEARANCES from some fantastic trail-blazers in the industry!
• Customising a theme when the site is live (lesson dropping by Mid December ‘23)
• Migrating a site from another platform (lesson dropping by Mid December ‘23)
• Guest Speaker (coming soon)


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