Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp – Seasonal Swing Trader


Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp – Seasonal Swing Trader
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Overview of the course Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp
Library of Trader is offering the Seasonal Swing Trader’s training program Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp with the following components:

  • Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp
  • Titan Trader Playbook
  • Key Levels Masterclass
  • Titan Trader Candlestick Mastery Guide
  • Trading Tactics Quickstart Guides & Case Studies
  • Titan Levels Indicator: Available for ThinkorSwim, TradeStation, NinjaTrader 8, TradingView, MT4
  • Titan Levels Scanner: Available for ThinkorSwim, TradeStation, NinjaTrader 8

Inside the Titan Trader Playbook, you will also get the following video and PDF modules:
Module 1: The Basics of Technical Analysis
Module 2: Introduction to the Supply & Demand Method
Module 3: Supply and Demand Types
Module 4: How to draw Supply and Demand Zones
Module 5: How to Qualify Supply and Demand Zones
Module 6: How to use Japanese Candlesticks as Entry Signals
Module 7: How to Identify Supply and Demand Golden Zones
Module 8: Supply and Demand Golden Zones – Top Down Analysis
Module 9: Money Management
Module 10: The Set and Forget Method
Module 11: Trading Tactics
What makes the course Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp worth investing in?
This course walks you through a complete guide on candlestick and how it works for your trading. Traders think that after a pattern is established, the price moves by the candlestick pattern. This leads them to believe that the pattern is to blame for the market’s behavior and that any future patterns would act similarly.
Candlestick patterns seem to be successful 50% of the time, according to the results of many studies. Therefore, traders need to understand how to distinguish between winning patterns and those that are likely to lose money.
In addition, the Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp provides you with an ultimate toolkit for any swing trader, including levels indicator and scanner. You also learn the basics of technical analysis, money management, and other trading tactics that help you achieve your trading goals in a matter of time.
If you are looking for proven swing trading strategies for beginners, this course is right for you though.
Who is Silas Peters and why should you learn from him?
Silas Peters is an active trader in the stock and commodities futures markets, as well as in currencies and options trading. He worked for the Chicago Board of Trade on their worldwide trading desk, executing transactions for hedge funds, banks, institutional investors, and wealthy people immediately out of college.

Additionally, he has worked on numerous trade desks overseeing and executing deals in US, European, and Asian markets, besides helping to create and run many futures and equities brokerage businesses. While working as an investment adviser for a private family office, he was also responsible for managing fixed and equity portfolios in trust and asset management banking departments.
Seasonal Swing Trader is an education platform established by Silas Peters, which analyzed up to 40 years of historical market data to identify seasonal patterns and market cycles and give quality, actionable trading suggestions every week. This sales page allows you to be able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing your trading strategy.
Why order Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp from us?
Library of Trader provides the Ultimate Titan Trader Bootcamp as a Group Buy course so you don’t need to be concerned about the legality. The price, hence, is also more affordable with the supportive service that comes along.
Contact us if you need further information in terms of promotion, proof, file size, etc.


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