The Mindset of Money by Luisa Zhou

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The Mindset of Money by Luisa Zhou
Original Price: $366
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Author: Luisa Zhou
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The Mindset of Money by Luisa Zhou
Original Price: $366
You Just Pay: 69.95$(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Luisa Zhou
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

What You Get:
Video 1
The Key to Mastering Your Money
The real reason you aren’t making more money – because this affects the way you’re doing everything, including the way you’re coming across to potential clients – and how to change it. (Once you do this, you’ll be amazed at how differently the “energy” in your marketing and sales comes across – and helps you make a lot more sales. This is a key reason I was able to go from zero to $1.1 Million in my first year.)
Why it feels like money is THE end-all-be-all to your success and happiness (even if you logically know better), and how to actually separate your happiness from your money…which will also make it easier to make MORE money
Releasing “need,” “attachment,” and “fear” around having to make that next sale – so you can make more sales with confidence and ease. (Because desperation is the biggest turn-off to money – and potential clients)
Video 2
Transforming Your Money Mindset
How to actually change your Money Mindset so that you can create the money reality you want. (Once you learn this, you’ll also understand why most affirmations don’t work – and what to do instead to build a rock-solid foundation for your money and growth.)
THE most harmful thought that’s keeping you stuck, and wondering why you’re not reaching your next money goal. (Identifying this – and shifting it – was the catalyst for my upleveling to 6-figure cash months.)
The “meanings” we give money that hold us back from making a lot more of it. Plus, how to identify and release them. (These specific definitions are different for each of us – but once we get clear on our own “meanings,” that’s how we’ll shift from being controlled by money to gaining control of it…for good)
Tangible examples of my own Money Mindset at various levels: My first client, $20k, Six-figures, First six-figure launch, & First million (Hearing actual examples at different money levels is the fastest way to skip the trial and error and get to your own next level)
Video 3
The Mindset of Growth
The limiting factor that keeps most people from hitting their money goals. (This is why so many aspiring entrepreneurs fail to get their business off the ground. Once you know this – and how to reframe it – you might just be surprised how much faster it becomes to make more than you’d ever thought possible)
How to set the perfect goal so you grow the fastest. (This is the “just right” goal that’ll stretch you enough to grow, but not be so big that fear, doubt, or self-sabotage kick in.)
The 3 different paradigms for growth – and how to leverage them for “quantum leaps.” (The better you understand this, the faster you’ll be able to hit money goals that feel “unbelievable.”)
Why we tend to attract non-ideal clients early on in business…and what to do so you can fast forward through that phase and start connecting with your dream clients – who appreciate you, are a dream to work with, and are happy to pay
The key that makes hitting your goals a lot more doable…and a lot less overwhelming. (This is what helped me pass $20K/month when it seemed like nothing else was working.)
The two “action” states you must master to hit your goals. (Including the difference between the two, when to use each state, and how to leverage both so that you grow faster.)
“Vibe” explained. Plus, how to “up your vibe” consistently and permanently…without having to over complicate it, feel exhausted “holding the energy,” or wonder “what you’re missing.”
Video 4
Get Unstuck by Facing Your Fears
Avoid the common mistake with handling fear that practically ensures you stay stuck. Plus, how to actually face your fears so you can fully release them to be truly confident and in control with money
The incredibly powerful reframe to help you shift the belief that sacrifice is required to make more money. Once you know this, you’ll feel more motivated than ever to hit your goals…while realizing just how within reach they actually are
The top 5 money fears that hold people back—even if they think they’re already “confident” or “good” with money. Plus the mindset reframes that actually work to shift them. (Not one of these reframes is as simple as “just deal with it” or “want it more.” If that worked, we’d have a lot more wealthy entrepreneurs.)
Plus a very special bonus video…
Accelerating Growth
(AKA: “Collapsing Time”)
7 “Secrets” for growing faster than you can even believe—so it feels like you’re “collapsing time.” (Including the literally biological reason why growing faster doesn’t feel normal – and how to shift it so your mind accepts it as your new norm)
The TOP reason most people stay stuck and plateau…despite trying everything to break through. (I’ll show you a simple yet life-changing reframe to make sure you never get stuck again.)
Why everything you’ve been taught about “best practices” might actually be slowing you down. I’ll show you what the top creators and entrepreneurs in the world – myself included – do instead, to create results that defy logic
The most important “metric” that will determine how fast you grow. This has little to do with traditional business KPI’s, and frankly isn’t even a completely measurable number. Yet, if this was all you focused on, you’d still grow faster and bigger than your wildest expectations.


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