RSD Madison – Boss (Full Course)

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RSD Madison – Boss (Full Course)
Original Price: $597
You Just Pay: $49.95 (One Time – 93% Off)
Author:_RSD Madison
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RSD Madison – Boss (Full Course)
Original Price: $597
You Just Pay: $49.95 (One Time – 93% Off)
Author:_RSD Madison
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Bonus #1: The Way of the Superior BOSS
Bonus #2: Sticking Point Encyclopedia
Bonus #3: Avoid Flake Manifesto
Bonus #4: Exclusive VIP Webinar
Hi, this is Madison,
It all started about 10 years ago with “The Game”. I picked up that book and my whole world changed. It ignited a fire and a passion in me to learn absolutely everything there is to know about GAME. Every night out, every epic pull, every stunner, every hilarious joke, and even every failure made me feel ALIVE.
My first steps along this path were marked with a lot of pain.
I was introverted, reserved, and all-around had issues with socializing and making friends. I moved around a lot, and – I was always picked on. I always felt weird, isolated, and out of the group – The more I tried to make friends, the worse it got.
The first girl I liked slapped me in the face, the first girl I approached gave me a fake number, and the first girlfriend I had wouldn’t even have sex with me.
The friends I was surrounded with started ignoring me, I ended up feeling left out, and getting pushed deeper and deeper inside my own head.
When I finally started going out – I spent my first 2 years of going out… ALONE.
I faced rejection on top of rejection on top of rejection – it was depressing.
I got used to the pain – I started from such a low place – the rejection was better than nothing.
Regardless of the struggle, I kept going. The reason was – I had a big “WHY”… I HAD NO OTHER CHOICE.
I couldn’t turn around, because I had nothing to go back to
All I wanted was to be accepted, to feel loved, to be able to connect with those around me and to make real friends.
I went out, night after night, pushing harder and harder and harder.
Then, after countless night of going out… I finally got a girlfriend.
The thing was, even though I “had a girlfriend”, she wouldn’t have sex with me!
It was probably the saddest thing you’ve ever seen, but that was my reality.
Here I was, this nice nerdy guy…
And my own girlfriend wouldn’t have sex with me, it was pathetic.
Now, as you’re reading this – you might find yourself asking:
“Why does it matter?”
It matters, because YOU matter.
“The more personal the wound, the more universal the wound.”
The things you are going through right now are the same things I went through.
The same struggles, the same tribulations and challenges you face today – I faced before.
My story is your story.
And through those rejections and those failures, I took away critical lessons which I am privileged to be able to share with you today.
It was my passion for teaching, combined with my personal story, combined with the overwhelming power and ability to change your life that made me realize:
That’s why I created: BOSS
I’ll tell you exactly what BOSS is,
and why it’s important for where you are RIGHT NOW
in just a moment, but first:
Let me tell you about WHY I created BOSS, so that you can understand how YOU fit into this journey, and why this is such a CRITICAL MOMENT for you.
When you were young, you had it…
The sense of unstoppable power, infinite possibility, that sense of unrestrained exploration.
That feeling that there’s a brand new world laid out in front of you, ready for the taking.
Your dreams used to bounce around your head like ping-pong balls, your imagination would take you to places others could only dream of.
Yet, somewhere along the way – something happened…
You lost it.
That sense of play, that sense of fun, that sense of entitlement…
That sense of possibility, of becoming great, powerful, unstoppable…
That sense of being the best man you can be.
You lost it, because life hit you in the face.
Maybe it was that job that slipped away…
Maybe it was that girl you just couldn’t seem to get…
Maybe it was that opportunity that passed you by…
It shocked you, it traumatized you, it slapped you in the face and shook you out of your reality.
It made you feel like those hopes, those dreams, those desires weren’t real, it made you believe your ambitions were imaginary, it made you believe that you didn’t deserve it.
It knocked you down, it tricked you.
One failure upon another built upon itself… one after the next… every time you tried, you failed… over and over and over again.
Eventually, you just didn’t believe it anymore.
Those dreams, those desires, those hopes – they suddenly became a distant fantasy – something better thought about, and never realized.
It was too dangerous, too risky, it made you too vulnerable to actually “go for it”.
A wound opened up, a psychological trigger that tied “Pursuing Your Dreams” – to – “PAIN”.
The more you looked away, the more you avoided it, the bigger and more painful it got.
It destroyed you as a man.
It destroyed you as a person.
It destroyed you as a human being.
You lost your seat of power as a man…
You lost your will to overcome adversity…
You lost your desire to push through the obstacles in your way…
The pain conquered you, and it sunk deep… so deep that as you sit here, right now, reading this – you don’t even realize it’s there.
It’s a pain that is too difficult to tackle alone, because when you go deep, when you look it straight in the eye, it hurts.
It’s a pain that engulfs you, drowns you, and controls you – whether you are aware of it or not.
It’s a pain that you may not even realize exists, or a pain you have long since forgot about…
It’s like the hum of the refrigerator in the background.
It’s there, deep inside… and it affects EVERYTHING YOU DO.
That’s why I had to create BOSS:
As you know, my journey was filled with pain, with rejection, with adversity, and with constant challenges.
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