Project Wealth Group – Broadsword Strategy

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Project Wealth Group – Broadsword Strategy
Original Price: $999.00
You Just Pay: $99.95 (One Time – 90% OFF)
Author: Project Wealth Group
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Project Wealth Group – Broadsword Strategy
Original Price: $999.00
You Just Pay: $99.95 (One Time – 90% OFF)
Author: Project Wealth Group
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Attention concerned investors and traders…
Have you ever wondered why Hedge fund Managers always make money in Volatile markets?
would you like access to a strategy that has made consistent returns, over 3 decades, in aLL market conditions ??
How would you feel if you knew that you would be able to generate
consistent returns EVERY WEEK from the markets?
What would this mean to your portfolio?
Your retirement? Your lifestyle?
At Project Wealth Group we teach specific investment strategies,
so that when you understand how money works
Permit me to introduce myself… I am Mark Shipman, the first ever UK hedge fund manager, bestselling author and media spokesman. I am here to tell you that, even if you’re not familiar with trading the markets, you can do it. In fact, it’s quite possible you could become hundreds of thousands of dollars richer, simply by trading once a week… in as little as 10 years. Together with Jon Hammond and Andrew Fowlston, both experienced investment analysts, we form PWG and are able to offer you all you need to take control of your financial future.
Click the video below to listen to Mark explain his background and how you can learn how to trade in the same way to produce regular low risk profits from any market direction… just like a hedge fund manager.
‘Broadsword’ is the solution to ALL your needs!
What is the ‘Broadsword’ strategy and why doesn’t everyone invest this way?
‘Broadsword’ is Marks unique system – no one else has this. It has worked EVERY YEAR since the late 1980’s, including every crash or retracement. PWG’s investment analysts, Jon and Andrew, will show you how it can make money in all market conditions due to the underlying instrument – an options contract. Hedge fund managers use these types of contracts as they are very flexible and can make a lot of money (or lose it in the wrong hands!).
BUT experience or knowledge is needed here. We are offering you the opportunity to access weekly support to help you to help you achieve the EXACT profits we bank. We will guide you within our ‘Inner Circle’
Click the link below to watch Mark, Andrew and Jon explain the benefits….
A little about Marks history in the markets..
During Mark’s time trading in the investment markets he won the World Futures Trading Championship in 1991 using the same systems he used in Silver Knight Investment Management his Hedge Fund which he STILL uses and teaches today.
He also worked for Paul Tudor Jones, Richard Kovner (brother of Bruce the Market Wizard) and with several ‘quants’ and investment analysts, including Andrew Fowlston and Jon Hammond whom he met at a London City Bank Charity Poker game in the late 1990’s.
In the following years his systems evolved further. Investors snowballed and funds under management exploded so much so that by the end of 1993 he was ranked one of the top 50 best performing hedge funds in the world! With clients a who’s who of banks, pension funds, family offices and high net worth investors, including a former US Presidential candidate and a legendary rock star!
Overcoming these first few years in business, taught him a great deal but, more importantly, reaffirmed that he had developed a solid and very profitable set of methods for speculating.
Also, it’s interesting to observe, that despite all the improvements in research and development, via ever more powerful computers and faster information, thanks to the internet, his original strategies are still producing excellent profits year in, year out.
Although ‘retiring’ just a few short years later. His ‘tash’ may have gone (thankfully his wife says!) but these are still the same methods and philosophies he uses today for his personal wealth and the systems shown in Project Wealth Group.
You too can benefit from these and adapt your portfolio easily following simple steps shown in the members area.
Also, a best selling author of three globally published books; The next big investment boom, Big Money Little Effort and EQ v IQ – which you can get FREE today by Joining PWG!
Mark, Andrew and Jon have worked together to further develop and deliver the education for the edge based systems they now use today in Project Wealth Group to deliver risk adjusted, high probability strategies they are well known for.
You see, the real secret to making a million dollars and growing your capital to boost income… is not risking your capital for big gains, but making lots of small gains consistently with steady and highly probable returns such as; 0.8%, 1.2%, 2.3%, 1.4%, 1.7% EVERY WEEK for income or growth! Allowing this process to achieve compounding is also a highly essential secret ingredient!
Focussing on a handful of safe, solid and profitable companies, and/or indices works. Mark doesn’t waste his time and risk large amounts of money taking a scattergun approach ‘hoping’ one will work – He focuses on repeated highly probable strategies with SAFE large stocks to hit his ‘Broadsword’ profit targets. Remember, any stocks selected can perform terribly yet with ‘Broadsword’ they can still be profitable gems!!
Why this works and what can it do for you and your wealth ?
The global political and economic uncertainty evident today is ripe for the Broadsword strategy, RIGHT NOW. The uncertainty and volatility in the markets is the ideal scenario for you to take back control. Warren Buffet thought an “economic Pearl Harbour was on the way” in 2019 and now we’ve seen the ‘Coronavirus Crash’ – this creates volatility in markets so let the volatility work for you rather than against you with the ‘Broadsword’ system.
Mark states ” I have decided to return to the markets and use the power of the internet to get this information out to you. If only people could realise the potential available to them via their smartphone, for only a few minutes a week, following my provable winning edge based systems, they would be AMAZED! Compared to the toxic debts STILL in the markets today
* Of 372 options recommended in 2019, 293 were winners, ranging from 3.7% gain to a 0.81% gain – PER WEEK.
* Average losers were only 0.73%. You could have added 32.7% to your portfolio or taken the equivalent in income.
*In 2019, the volatility and uncertainty raised our monthly returns above the 3% level.
*2020 is surpassing last year thats to all the lovely volatility giving us more ‘free’ premium for the same risk!
“How can I claim such amazing track record gains year after year? Simple. I traded this strategy on monthly options in my hedge fund in the 1990s and, since 2013, I have been able to do it on weekly options, quadrupling the returns I used to make in my hedge fund, Silver Knight! So, even in down markets and sideways trading, you can be sure that the gains I talk about here are tried and tested and will continue to be successful.”


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