Myles Dunphy – FBA Freedom Accelerator 2019

Myles Dunphy – FBA Freedom Accelerator 2019
Original Price: $1197.00
You Just Pay: $69.95 (One Time – 95% OFF)
Author: Myles Dunphy
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Myles Dunphy – FBA Freedom Accelerator 2019
Original Price: $1197.00
You Just Pay: $69.95 (One Time – 95% OFF)
Author: Myles Dunphy
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Revealing The Exact Strategies & Methods I’ve Used To Find Untapped, Profitable Products & Rapidly Build A Freedom Enabling Amazon FBA Business In 2019
Read This Before going ANY Further.
This Course is Not For You If:
You’re not an action taker…
You’re not ready to do the work …
You’re not ready to build a profitable, freedom-enabling business …
You’re rather stick to your 9-5 office job…
Then I can’t help you and this course is not for you.
The FBA Freedom Accelerator IS For You If:
You ARE ready to work, and…
You are a complete beginner looking for that first spark of guidance OR
You have a 5-6 figure Amazon business that you want to take to the next level…
NO MATTER… Where in the world you live,
NO MATTER… How old you are,
NO MATTER… How young you are.
If that’s you – then this course is for you. Sound good?
my 7 figure blueprint to
success on amazon
what’s included in the
fba freedom accelerator…
17+ Hours Of Detailed Video Lessons
I’ll take you under my guidance and reveal, step by step, the little known methods I’ve used to find & sell profitable products on Amazon FBA – and then scale to over $2,000,000 per year.
Module 1
Course Orientation
Set expectations between us & learning outcomes
Define exactly what you are going to change in your life & how
Student/mentor relationship: what I expect of you…and my own obligations
How to use the course & provided support materials
Module 2
The Secret To 7 Figure Success On Amazon
The secret difference between achieving 0-5 figure results, and 7 figure results
Hacks, shortcuts & short-term tactics & why they are not the answer (sorry)
The 5 specific pillars you will need to develop before even starting (why most fail)
What to do if you really want to get started but are SCARED to take the first step
Module 3
Fundamentals & Business Setup
Practical business affairs, Amazon fundamentals & financial metrics you must know
Trademarks, company structuring
Advice on which marketplace to sell on: Amazon US, Amazon UK etc
Actions for overseas (non-US) sellers, like me
Other considerations that can make or break your business before you begin: starting capital, number of initial products
Module 4
Product Research: Find Your First Winning Product
My 2019 product selection strategy to find profitable winning products
The exact product research tools I use & how I use them
Step by step, detailed breakdown of the 7 Key Ingredients to successful Product Research
Key metrics that will make your life easier (revenue, ROI, % profit margin)
How to set yourself apart & differentiate. Following the herd no longer works in 2019
Walkthroughs of the Product Generation Funnel in action
Cost calculator & research templates that I use to make everything easier
Key risks to avoid that blow up most first time sellers
Module 5
Sourcing & Shipping (Part 1): Find & Negotiate With Suppliers
How to find the best, most trustworthy suppliers, get the best prices and make a deal happen
Sourcing considerations: Factory vs trading company, China vs US/other countries
Negotiation techniques & walkthrough from Alibaba to confirming the supplier
Outreach & negotiation templates: common emails that I send, done for you (word for word)
Crafting a powerful insert card to get more reviews & build your brand
A few massive risks you need to be aware of (& how to eliminate them)
Module 6
Sourcing & Shipping (Part 2): PO’s & Shipping to Amazon
Critical decisions you need to make before shipping anything (air vs sea, where & how)
Technical jargon explained (FNSKU v UPC, EXW v FOB etc)
How to ship cost effectively & safely plus access to my own trustworthy freight forwarders
What labels go where & who does what
Purchase order & inspection report templates with walkthroughs of how to use them
Payment methods: how to protect yourself
The shipment inspector services I use & recommend
Major risks to control & how to prevent them, all the way to getting the goods into Amazon
Module 7
Pre-Launch: Create & Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing
Creating a listing & images that sell, step by step
Avoid common mistakes that most beginners make (simplify & focus on the critical 80/20)
How to get product photography done, with access to my own product photographer
My photography brief template & walkthrough of exactly how to get the photos you want
Step by step walkthrough of keyword research so your listing shows up for all the right search results
Get more verified reviews with my own email followup sequence with template (copy & paste)
Module 8
Launching Your Product On Amazon
Walkthrough of the entire launch process from basic fundamentals to execution
Detailed step by step breakdown of 4 launch strategies
Amazon PPC: how to structure, manage & optimize your campaigns for massive results
Facebook ads: audience building & advanced launch strategy
When & how to layer these strategies on each other to get initial traction quickly
Timeframe, expectations & troubleshooting
Comprehensive & updated answers to frequently asked questions about launching
Module 9
Post-Launch: Maintain & Optimize Your Product
How to stay on top of the recurring activities you need to do once your product is launched
How to stay in Amazon’s good books: customer service, account monitoring, listing suspension
Troubleshooting common problems: running out of stock, hijackers, reviews etc
Making more money with low effort/high payoff split testing & optimization
Amazon Brand Registry 2019: when, why & how to get your brand registered
How to get thousands of extra $$ back from Amazon with almost zero effort
Module 10
Scaling: Grow Your Business Into A Money Making Machine
My rapid product scaling strategy (the secret to get to 7 figures)
How & when to start hiring a team
Building a brand – how to maximise your leverage and expand quickly
Expanding to new marketplaces
Troubleshooting common scaling problems
Selling your business as the end game: from product #1 to a 7 figure exit
BONUS #1 – business Templates, Swipe Files & Resources
($1,997 VALUE)
Get exclusive access to my own templates, contracts & growth tools. These hold my business together & I use them every day. They cost me thousands of $$$ to build & develop – but you get them for FREE…
Battle-tested supplier negotiation swipe files
Comprehensive purchase order agreements
Clear & concise photographer creative briefs
Review-boosting email feedback sequences
Bonus #2 – Leverage My Trusted Business Contacts
 ($997 VALUE)
I’ll introduce you to my professional network of contacts that help me to create & sell profitable products on Amazon. Ever hear the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know”?
Now you’ll have both.
Product Photographer
Freight Forwarders
Inspection Services
3D graphics designer
Bonus #3 – Lifetime access to future course updates
($1,497 VALUE)
You’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to my 7 figure Amazon playbook – for free.
Learn from exclusive new lessons as I develop new strategies & launch products in 2019 and beyond.
Free updates for life
Private insights shared weekly
New Amazon developments as they happen


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