Jennifer Kem – Confidently

$7,500.00 $229.95

Jennifer Kem – Confidently
Original Price: $7,500 USD
You Just Pay: $229.95 (One Time – 98% OFF)
Author: Jennifer Kem
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Jennifer Kem – Confidently
Original Price: $7,500 USD
You Just Pay: $229.95 (One Time – 98% OFF)
Author: Jennifer Kem
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Confidently by Jennifer Kem Torrent
ConfidentlyMarketSellPackagePromoteGrowShareEnrollLaunchBuildBrand your expertise online.
The only done-with-you program that gives you the mindset and skillset to become a well-paid, recognized leader in your industry and create meaningful impact with your knowledge, skills and experience.
Turn your first $10k month into predictable $10k+ days.
I’m looking for a few good leaders.
Are you one of them?
If you:
Are a specialist in your industry, and want to create more income offering info-education, consulting and/or coaching packages digitally…
An owner of a brick and mortar or e-commerce store that wants to build a leveraged online info-business so you never have to worry about world events stopping your income again…
If you are an artist or creative, who has a skill to teach and want to stand up an online platform to do so…
Have written a book or are a professional speaker that wants to share your methods beyond the printed page or stage…
The you are an Expert.
Learn how to successfully market and sell your expertise online with Unshakeable Confidence
(without sacrificing your integrity or values: basically, make life-changing impact and income 100% being you!)
Here’s How Confidently Works:
The Confidently Method at Your Fingertips Anytime From Anywhere
With simple, digestible video lessons, and the accompanying transcripts organized for you (because some of us learn better through words, visual and/or auditory means so we got you covered on all levels) – we get to the brass tacks of what you need, not over bloat you with content or curriculum that isn’t useful or helpful. Each lever comes with a paint-by-numbers workbook (and it’s beautiful too), that while you do the work, you’ll literally feel the confidence swell and translate into real action in your marketing and sales efforts. This is all accessed and stored on our easy-to-use online learning platform, that you can access anytime from anywhere (even if you’re not wearing pants). Also, your login to the online program is lifetime – and you’ll see that it will be useful every time you have a new offer, in the middle of a rebrand and/or need a power-up in your business. You’ll get more out of this program than any other you’ve ever done – and that’s not us talking – it’s your fellow colleagues in the program that say that!
The BEST COMMUNITY + CLUB in the Entire Online Universe
Business can be lonely. It can also be harmful to your confidence when you’re not surrounded by like-minded, ambitious people who are experts in their own right. You want people who get you, and our community is full of generous, brilliant and honest people. Our community has become the haven for making lifelong friendships and business colleagues, who even find clients and partners in each other! We encourage our clients to refer business and work with each other if it makes sense to do so. You also learn how to give and receive feedback, ask questions and get support. They’re also really fun to collaborate with and hang out in real life when we gather for our yearly conference. This alone pays for the investment.
Experts Sharing Their Expertise Generously
“Your Network is Your Net Worth” is something you’ve probably heard over and over – and over the course of my 20+ years in business and the last 10 years focusing on building online brands, my “friends in the business” – leading experts in the areas of entrepreneurial mindset, wealth-building, scaling, productivity, niche areas like growing your Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, Paid Advertising, Getting Media, Sustainability for small business and Self-Care…will become your friends in the business too. Every month we’ll have an expert in an area we feel you could benefit from and most importantly that we’ve personally vetted and trust, to add to our Legends Library, which will be in your online learning platform. I readily invite my clients to add their value too when they showcase real results (a big incentive for you!), and this is marketing opportunity and exposure for you that’s worth its weight in gold.
Incentives Baked Into Your Wins
Since Generosity is one of our company values, we love giving gifts and rewards for doing the work. We know you’re here because you want to win, but hey, why not have some fun (and earn some trophies) while at it? The online learning platform we use helps you manage your time and accountability, which is awesome – but we also have monthly awards and incentives for people who show their work, breakthroughs, lessons and encouragement in the community. Fostering a spirit of healthy ambition in the pursuit of values-driven goals are very much welcome – we invite you to be your whole self here. Expect surprises that help your business growth to come your way both #URL and #IRL. We have our entire program set up with SUCCESS BAKED INTO ITS VERY DNA – running challenges every month so you stay in action, and when you hit certain milestones in your business, we open even bigger access to our team to you to support you to rapidly accelerate.
A Trusted, Proven Group of Business Advisors on Your Team
When I set out to live a life on my own terms early in my entrepreneurial journey, the one thing I knew I needed to get there was 1) trusted advisors who had my back and 2) a world-class team that had aligned values and had the same mission – to help as many people like us create the same. My experience as an expert in my own craft is an advantage you’ll have as part of Confidently – because when you invest in yourself and do the work, you’re leveraging the collective wisdom and years of wins/losses/gains/setbacks of me and my team. The team of Confidently Coaches we have on staff to support your journey have been personally mentored by me, built their own sustainable business practices, and are full-time business owners who want you to win. For those of you who want to be in the Pro Level with us, you’ll have a one-on-one Coach whose main goal will be to help you reach the goals you want through accountability and guidance. For those of you in the Club Level, there will be a group Coach to guide you through monthly challenges and exercises to keep you in momentum.
Program Details
Module 0:
Starting Point Success Map + Quick Wins Breakthrough Bootcamp
This is what we call the Basecamp for the Confidently Program. In order to know where you are, and what’s probable for your success, we’ll equip you with an onboarding video on how to create growth goals based on where you are now based on our PREDICTABILITY Stages Model. This is critical because it helps you see what you have to build upon and most importantly, provides a clear path on where you want to go.
You’ll fill out an inventory of what assets you have in your business now, and make a commitment to moving forward, confidently with our Pro Pledge.
Most importantly: Confidently is a done-with-you marketing and sales program, and we kick off each new cohort with a Quick Wins Breakthrough Bootcamp where Jennifer Kem will personally guide you with specific step-by-step work to get your offers online so you don’t spend time overthinking and instead spend your time getting seen, heard and paid. When you get momentum fast out of the gate, you’ll be training that part of you that fears “doing it wrong” and you’ll transform it into a successful way of thinking and doing to try and test things to start making money faster.
Now that you’re clear on your Starting Point Success Map (win!), you’re ready for the next step and to pull the next lever.
Module 1:
Confidently Mind Your Mindset
Master the mindset that successful people embody to show up motivated and inspired, even when the work is challenging or faced with obstacles – so that you can serve and impact at the highest level possible in alignment with your goals and mission.
Within digestible, potent video lessons and a complete workbook to capture your work and direct your actions, you’ll:
Discover the core reasons you want to achieve the level of success and structure your time, energy and attention around your values, not someone else’s.
Release the obstacles and old perceptions, beliefs and judgments holding you back from making progress every day in your business, including common entrepreneurial ailments like imposter syndrome, comparitis, and FOMO.
Gain the courage to message, market, and monetize your business with a true confidence that everyone around you recognizes – without a break in consistency.
Develop a wealth mindset that allows you to attract and keep the money you make #likeanOwner.
Build unshakeable trust in yourself and be a mirror for your audience to acknowledge your abilities and expertise, making fear and doubt take a backseat to you, the driver of your life.
“This is the first time I’ve had support to keep pushing through and keep moving forward.”
I’ve been stuck in this pattern of getting to this [launching] stage and stopping. My brain just felt fuzzy every time I would commit to launching. But this is the first time, in my life, I’m starting to feel some of that pattern and habit fall away. And I’m starting to feel the ease that comes on the other side that I’ve never felt before in my life. That fuzziness, it’s going away. This has honestly been life changing for me.
Melissa Wright
Truth and Alignment Coach
Module 2:
Confidently Message Your Brand
Succinctly and persuasively tell your story in a way that bridges your ideal client to you and shows off the clear advantage and expertise that your brand has to offer.
Within digestible, potent video lessons and a complete workbook to capture your work and direct your actions, you’ll:
Get super clear on WHO you are, WHAT you do best, and WHO your services are for
Build brand stories that shape the brand voice you want your audience to know, like and trust.
Develop and Clearly articulate your Unique Solution Expertise™ (USE) so that your ideal clients know why and how to choose you (and that you can repeat with confidence every time you’re asked).
Create a Messaging Catalog for use in all of your content, curriculum, trainings and any other place where copy is needed to grow your business.
Use The Experience Story Sequence (TESS), a personal technology to install ethical influence into all of your marketing and sales conversations that sets your brand apart from others in your industry.
“Before I started working with Jen, I wasn’t publicly sharing my message.”
I didn’t know how to speak to my audience – I had no idea where to even start! But Jen changed that for me. One of the many things I learned from Jen is the importance of using stories that lead back to what your product is and that telling stories for the sake of a story doesn’t get you paid. Now, I’m crystal clear on the stories that I’ll be using and how they’ll be supporting my upcoming launch. So excited!
Nicole Tobon
Founder, Softball Students Mentorship
Module 3:
Confidently Market Your Offers
Build an “Attention Machine” for your offers and services and build awareness that solidifies trust and reputation in a systemized way that delivers qualified prospects to your (virtual) door, every damn day.
Within digestible, potent video lessons and a complete workbook to capture your work and direct your actions, you’ll:
Learn the simple 3-Step process called The Momentum Map™ to launch your offers in a strategic and meaningful way.
Use Market Insights and Research to create irresistible, consumable tiny offers that lead to your bigger, high-ticket offers.
Beta test your offers in a way that lets you learn and adapt fast so you no longer spend or waste time, energy or money on offers that don’t pay off quickly.
Develop a Traffic Plan for your business and architect an Organic, Paid and Partnership (OPP) strategy best suited for your stage of business and budget.
Use Media, Publicity and Influencer marketing to grow your brand faster than any other free traffic source (plus: it gives you massive credibility!)
“I had to learn marketing. But how do I learn to market authentically?”
I wanted to learn how to do it effectively but also in a way that doesn’t turn me into a sleezeball… that’s when I came to know Jennifer Kem. I learned so much in her community about how to harness your authentic voice for the benefit of solving your customer needs. Thanks Jen for opening my eyes.
Julia Winston
Founder, Brave Leadership Consulting
Module 4:
Confidently Monetize Your Services
Build and systemize a “Sales Engine” that converts your Marketing into ongoing Enrollment, creating predictable income and life-changing results for your business, and for the lives of your clients.
Within digestible, potent video lessons and a complete workbook to capture your work and direct your actions, you’ll:
Clearly package your offers, leading with value and features and benefits that your ideal clients want and need (translation: they pay for them without hesitation)
Develop your Sales sequence and non-sleazy pitch scripts for your webinars, live events and phone sales, the 3 most effective ways for you to sell your services. You receive 3 end-to-end scripts for these!
Create an Irresistible Tiny (free or low fee) Offer – we call it an L1 – that pre-qualifies ideal clients and increases your probability of closing a sale.
Plug an Irresistible Email Sequence and Irresistible Social Sequence into your Sales Engine, as well as a Follow-Up Completion Sequence to close out your sales activities in a structured, peace-of-mind way.
“To think I hated sales calls when I first joined this community…”
With Jen’s help, I came up with a shorter, more leveraged mastermind option. I was just looking back at my notes/stats and saw that I talked to 19 people and closed 18 of them.
Heather Hubbard


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