Jason Capital – Power Influence System

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Jason Capital – Power Influence System
Original Price: $1097
You Just Pay: $49.95 (One Time – 96% OFF)
Author: Jason Capital
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Jason Capital – Power Influence System
Original Price: $1097
You Just Pay: $49.95 (One Time – 96% OFF)
Author: Jason Capital
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Archive : Jason Capital – Power Influence System
Why? Because I had just used the very same influence technology I teach – with them.
They were blown away.
I want you to keep in mind Power Influence is about persuading with 1000% integrity.
No slimy sales tactics. No cheesy gimmicks. They’re my tribe, I would never use that shit on Team Capital.
So if you’ve ever silently wondered “how the hell does Jason do that?”… how I’m able to sell literally millions of dollars both online and in person, with honor, respect and integrity, you’ll discover how in this extraordinary program.
You see, against advice of counsel, I wanted to pre-sell 50 copies of my new program.
Yet I didn’t want to pitch my guys, my brothers in arms. I didn’t want to take away one minute of them learning all the cool shit I had brought them together for.
My business advisors told me it couldn’t be done…
“Sell 25% of the room an $1100 program without a pitch? You’re crazy, Jason.”
I told them…
“Fuck you, watch me. I’m doing it.”
I didn’t sell 50. I sold 57.
Technically, that’s a 29% conversion rate.
Yeah, almost 30% of the room.
(Listen, whenever somebody tells you you can’t do something? That’s your cue to prove them wrong.)
You see, they may have known about sales, but they didn’t have a clue about Power Influence.
Which is exactly what I used to achieve that incredible result.
And that’s not all you can
use Power Influence for…
I closed a deal that will net me $1.5 million over the course of 2016 – it’s a total win/win
I’ve had every kind of girl, from bikini models to yoga teachers, professional types all the way to instagram models with millions of followers BEG ME for more, in-person, over email, thru text..
Plus I got an A-list celebrity to endorse me – I made it seem like it was HIS idea!
You can use Power Influence with anything and anyone.
Here’s what’s inside Power Influence…
The subtle differences you MUST know between game and power influence (skip this part and power influence will backfire)
Write this down on a scrap of paper to quickly eliminate all the BS, distractions and things holding you back in your life…
The #1 thing that guarantees you will make sh*t happen. Steve Jobs used this to make decisions and exterminate that silent success-killer, procrastination…
How Power Authority causes everyone around you to comply with your wishes (NOTE: this can be used for EVIL. Please check-in with your moral compass.)
Perception Portals. How to be regarded as stronger, more attractive, more respected and more confident than other guys…
How to make a girl feel like you ‘get’ her on a deep, personal level. A level normally only her closest friends ever get to see.
The Wrap-around Authority Tactic. The sneaky way I leverage the power of brands, businesses and celebrities for my own gain…
The #1 most powerful social trigger to make a girl want to fvck you tonight…
Perceived Value Triggers: how you can steal the secrets of billion dollar companies for your social life, your business, your women…
Potatoes of Perception. A mind-blowing lesson in perception from Frederick The Great and… his potato?
The REAL genius of Steve Jobs lies in this “agent of influence” (and it’s NOT what you think…)
The Likeability Factor: How to make people like you instantly. 10 proven ways to dramatically increase your instant likeability…
The Greet And Vacate Method that enhances your attractiveness
How to use your enemies as leverage…
How Oprah, Rihanna and Dicaprio became stinkin’ rich by using one strategy against you…
High Status: The Next Level
The power of the herd mind and how to use it to your advantage (what can we learn from the world’s most dangerous cults?)
What Jack Nicholson knows about TV that you don’t (and why it’s destroying your chances of success in any area of your life)…
Make women chase YOU: Seductive secrets to embedding one ultra-powerful social signal into your storytelling…
How to amplify desire for you on an sub-emotional level. This works whether it’s the boardroom, the bar or the bedroom…
5 ways to actively challenge someone and get the response you want… without being annoying, demanding or downright bitchy…
What to do when you’re deep in conversation with somebody… yet another guy is bugging you, desperate for your attention…
The Cookie Test that allows you to have your pick of the hottest women without needing to worry about competition..
What super bowl gamblers can tell us about one of the strongest Agents of Influence. (Knowing this transforms you into a master persuader)…
What to do when a girl doesn’t respond to your text (even when she was begging to give you her number)…
How to make the social perception of you so great that all the work, all the persuasion, all the authority is Done For You (I’m talking Social God x 10)…
… and that’s not even a quarter of what’s covered in the program.
Now imagine something else…
Now imagine employing and deploying STATUS and Power Influence at the same time. Imagine your life and everything you’ll be able to do.
You’ll be unstoppable. As a Man. As a Lover. As a Warrior. As a King in your own domain.
Here’s the Deal of a Lifetime…
No joke, I make millions a year with Power Influence technology. Literally millions.
Over the past 5 years, I’ve searched out, documented and employed hundreds of secrets of ethical persuasion and influence in my business.
ALL with devastating effect.
Not only that, but in one venue or another, I’ve charged literally thousands of dollars for badasses like you to be trained in the use of these mindsets, strategies and tactics.
I’ll share a secret. There’s a reason there
was a stampede for this course…
Because these 57 ultra-ambitious badasses like you, saw with their own eyes, the nuclear impact of this technology.
They witnessed it’s almost lethal execution.
They were at the receiving of this persuasion onslaught…
“Jaw dropping” I was told multiple times.
If you saw me doing EXACTLY what you’ve always wanted for yourself… AND if I made an insane offer to help you learn it over the course of 42 days (yes, there’s 42 freaking days worth of video instruction)… it would pretty damn hard to say “no thanks, Jason”, agreed?
So given the life (as well as bank account) transforming value of this program, compared to my other elite-level courses, I’ve decided to keep the price modest and affordable.
You deserve this. And I want you to have it.
That’s why, when you click the button below, the price of the program is not $5,000 or $4000 or $3000 like I would normally charge for a program of this caliber… but when you click the button below, you’ll pay only $1097.


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