Jaiya – Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

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Jaiya – Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course
Original Price: $997
You Just Pay: $49.95(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Jaiya
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Jaiya – Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course
Original Price: $997
You Just Pay: $49.95(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Jaiya
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

The Erotic Blueprints reveal a hidden, universal language of expression and connection – like music.
Only the instruments are our bodies, and the medium is pleasure.
The problem?
We’re usually only shown how to give and receive pleasure for one type of instrument…
But most of us are actually working with entirely DIFFERENT pleasure instruments than the ones we’re seeing in “sex ed”, porn, or the media…
Ones that don’t work in the same way.
So just like you don’t play a cello with the same techniques or tools you use to play a guitar…
Your path to pleasure – whether solo or shared – may simply be different than what you’ve seen so far, and require a different set of skills to enjoy.
That’s why so many of us struggle to reach fully orgasmic, deeply satisfying pleasure throughout our lives.
We never learned how to play our OWN instruments in a way that is truly pleasurable, satisfying, and full-bodied…
… let alone create deeply satisfying, intimate, and explosive harmonies with partners that leave us deliciously breathless, connected, and full!
Because we were given the wrong set of instructions for our own body, and never taught anything different.
That means WE don’t even have the right skills to own and understand our pleasure…
… which makes it nearly impossible for a lover to ever play us with the orgasmic skills of a virtuoso that we crave!
(After all – we can’t teach something that we don’t even know yet!)
And this is what’s leaving us feeling disconnected, secretly starving, and confused about why or how to fix it…
Then wondering deep down what is wrong with us, and if we might just be broken.
Check Out What’s Inside
MODULE 1: Orgasmic Orientation
Setting yourself up for success; what you’ll learn and how to take action
Using easy wins to accelerate your erotic transformation
Understanding empathy as your best support for radical transformation
Connecting with yourself, your partner(s) and our Erotic Community
MODULE 2: Core Erotic Blueprints™
Discover the 5 Sexuality Stages, 5 Erotic Types and 4 fundamental pathways that could enhance (or destroy) your sexual health and pleasure.
Begin to map your Core Erotic Blueprint™ and open to orgasmic vitality
Clarify where you need to focus your energies to attain greater levels of erotic fulfillment
Find deeper connection and mutual fulfillment by gaining empathy for other people’s pleasure map
MODULE 3: Deliciously Determining Blueprints
Become an erotic detective, sleuthing your way to love making mastery
Practice touch and talk games to determine your own or someone else’s Blueprint
Secrets to interviewing and observing others so you determine what erotic techniques would turn them on the most
An introduction to turn-on techniques for all 5 Blueprint Types™
MODULE 4: Frequently Feeding the Blueprints
​Get the touch you crave: Live demonstrations of erotic play for each Blueprint Type™
Skills for flirting and seducing in the Blueprints
Learn to articulate your sexual needs and get them fed and fulfilled
Gain confidence that you can satisfy a lover like never before
MODULE 5: Seductively Speaking the Blueprints
​Confidently speak the most arousing words inside and outside the bedroom
More than words: Use congruent body languages destined to turn up the crave
Play a special game to uncover the hottest words for your own or a lover’s arousal
Whispering, emailing or sexting the right word and phrases to make a lover hunger for you
MODULE 6: Holistically Healing Blueprints
Healing the shadow of your Blueprint opens you to more pleasure and connection
Create deeper erotic freedom when you uncover the roots of any blocks you have
Take steps to overcome and breakthrough physical, emotional, biochemical or energetic obstacles that hold you back
Transform your biggest obstacles into your deepest pathways for pleasure
MODULE 7: Expertly Expanding the Blueprints
Expand your palette and discover erotic satisfaction you didn’t know possible
Increase your lover’s satisfaction by learning to play in their Blueprint
Gain easier access to orgasm, orgasmic states and superpower sex skills
Get on the path to Erotic Mastery
MODULE 8: Hot Sex For a Lifetime
Get the plan to have a thriving, hot sexuality for the rest of your life
Learn the secrets for a life of lasting passion, ravishment, connection and crave
Couples: Learn what you need to keep it hot for a lifetime
Singles: Learn the pleasure pathway to have an empowered sexual journey
Celebrate your Erotic Evolution as we complete the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course!
Hot Bonuses!
Bonus #1: EROTIC BLUEPRINT IMMERSIONS: Hot Experiential Practices!
Have fun while increasing sexual compatibility, connection and confidence
Be guided in experiential pleasure practices and playful exercises
Dive deep and focus on one Blueprint at a time: Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky and Shapeshifter!
Valuable key to breaking through so-called sexual incompatibility, sexual disconnection and dissatisfaction

Bonus #2: EROTIC FREEDOM CLUB COMMUNITY: 3 Months Free! (valued at $69/month)
Studies confirm that adopting new habits, integrating new learning and sustaining transformation is much more likely to happen with the support of a like-minded community. In the EFC, you’ll get:
Monthly Pleasure Mastery Group Coaching Call: One-on-one coaching with Jaiya and Ian
Pleasure practices, skills and strategies for total sexual fulfillment
A place to be vulnerable, raw and real with your sexuality
Courage to push the edge of your own desire
Incredible brainstorms on how to take your pleasure to the next level
Ideas for Adventure Dates, Sex Life Practices and Sexy Sex Life Challenges
And some of the most loving, thoughtful and supportive connections you could ever imagine!
The wild intimacy and courageous exploration shared by the members of EFC is off-the-hook inspiring!
Bonus #3: EMPOWERED EROTIC PERSONA COURSE: Reclaim every ounce of your True Erotic Self!​
Are you committed to increasing expression, adventure and fulfillment in your sex life? The EEP Course unleashes potent and playful parts of your sexuality that have been buried or hidden due to fear, shame and even trauma.
Are you ready to…
Unleash your unabashed sexuality
Change the relationship you have with fear and shame
Embody aspects of your sexuality that you’ve buried deep inside
Bring to life your erotic alter-egos and reclaim your sexual power
Transform your life in and outside the bedroom
If so…then this course is for you!
The EEP Course is a 6-part, interactive course where you find pieces of your sexuality that you have desired to express and experience. Through this deeply rewarding and nurturing process, you bring these pieces of your sexuality to life in your body. How do they walk, talk and feel pleasure? What do they crave and how do they go about getting it? What clothing do they wear? What music do they love? How do they make or take love?!!
This isn’t a game of dress up..Discover a New You! The value of the Empowered Erotic Personal Core is truly immeasurable. Applying this work to your life can create rapid and powerful transformation. This bonus alone is worth far more than your investment in the Blueprint Course!

Bonus #4: BLUEPRINT REPORTS: Receive a full report that reviews all aspects of each of the Blueprint Types™!​
The 5 Blueprint Reports were created for you to deepen your understanding of your Erotic Blueprint Type™ and gain acceptance for who you are and who your partner(s) are as erotic beings. The Blueprint Reports will help you learn:
How to decipher your Quiz Results
What an Erotic Blueprint Type is and why it is important to know your Type
What your Blueprint Super Powers are and how to use them
The Shadows of your Blueprint (these shadows may be putting the brakes on your arousal and sexual fulfillment)
What turns you on, feeds and fulfills your Blueprint
How your Blueprint plays with other Blueprint Types
What’s next for our Blueprint’s development and expansion
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