Eric Edmeads (MindValley) – Wildfit – 90 Day Challenge

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Eric Edmeads (MindValley) – Wildfit – 90 Day Challenge
Original Price: $895.00
You Just Pay: $69.95 (One Time – 93% OFF)
Author: Eric Edmeads
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Eric Edmeads (MindValley) – Wildfit – 90 Day Challenge
Original Price: $895.00
You Just Pay: $69.95 (One Time – 93% OFF)
Author: Eric Edmeads
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

Mindvalley Presents The Most Effective Healthy Living Program Ever…
The WildFitⓇ Program
Enjoy a Guaranteed Breakthrough In Your Health and Fitness Levels Within 90 Days Without Dieting, Exercise or Massive Change in Lifestyle Simply By Changing Your Relationship With Food
Does It Ever Feel Like You’re In a Secret Battle for Your Health?
Do you feel ‘stuck’ in your current body, no matter how much you work out?
Do you feel powerless to control your stress eating?
Do you feel helpless over food cravings?
Maybe you’ve struggled with your health for years on end. You’ve been to a physician after physician and you’ve tried everything to cure what doctors are calling ‘common’ ailments…
Hypertension, lackluster energy, chronic acne, blocked sinuses, inflammation and other debilitating bodily challenges.
Every pill, treatment, and trusted remedy has failed.
Or maybe you’ve done everything you can to drop unwanted, stubborn weight that’s keeping you from the fit, youthful, and healthy body you crave in hopes of finally freeing yourself of those lingering pounds. But nothing is working.
Your body just isn’t behaving the way that you want…and it’s dragging you away from the lifestyle you desire.
You’ve put in tireless effort to defeat your challenges and improve your health,only to be blocked… again.
It’s almost like your body is rejecting the best version of you at every turn.
Eric Edmeades WildFit
Eric Edmeades
Mindvalley has been rated 9.6/10 on Trust Pilot and has been recognised for Workplace Happiness (World’s Most Democratic Workplace Award 8 Years Running)
Maybe you’ve started to wonder:
What am I Really Fighting Against?
Perhaps you’ve heard this before…
“I’m just born this way.”
“Everyone in my family deals with this issue. I inherited it.”
“I just can’t lose the weight. I’ll always be this size.”
“My doctor said I should just learn to manage it.”
If any of these statements sound like you, you are not alone. Millions of us are in a battle, yet we don’t know the true cause of our issues. The battle isn’t between you and your body.
Your struggle is rooted in your relationship with food
Healthy gut
The truth is, your diet affects nearly everything your body experiences on a daily basis. And contrary to popular belief…
Your diet is just as much about what you eat as what you don’t eat.
But unraveling the secret to defeat this struggle is easier than you think. And it starts with understanding the misinformation about health.
5 Keys to Unlocking the Truth About Your Health
What you’re about to discover is the hidden science of nutrition, its effect on our health, and why it’s been inaccessible in our society. Because while dieting and exercising are popular, they’re misinformed or incomplete approaches to the true path to healthy living. There are FIVE fundamental myths that society teaches us about food and diets. But thanks to Eric Edmeades’ discoveries in nutrition, you’re about to uncover the truth about these five myths.
Myth #1: Calorie In, Calorie Out
As a student of human evolution, Eric Edmeades observed something interesting about the tribes in Africa that he spend time with. They never went on a diet. Still they had great muscle tone, amazing energy and incredible levels of fitness. It occurred to Eric that the fundamental ideas about why we eat no longer makes sense. Counting calories is meaningless. Because your body is not a simple, input output machine.
Myth #2: Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)
There is no daily recommended diet. Our bodies evolve to eat annually. We go through different stages and require different foods in different seasons winter, summer, spring, and autumn.
Myth #3: You Need A Personalized Diet
No. Human beings have not differentiated long enough by evolution to have too much of a different diet. So there are certain rules that apply to all human beings regardless of your race, origin or culture. And in fact, the largest chunk of your diet is not going to change. Yes, some people may have special needs but for 80% of us, our needs are the same.
Myth #4: Food Industry Wants To Make You Healthy
While this may be the most obvious myth in this list, millions of people are being conned by food industry’s misleading labels on food products that are supposedly good for us. Because the truth is… food manufacturing companies blatantly lie to you – and the American diet is particularly unhealthy and designed to create cravings so you eat (and buy) more food. It actually has very little to do with your health.
Myth #5: You Must Exercise To Be Healthy
Exercise is great for health. but it doesn’t have a significant impact on your body. Modern science shows that 95% of your body shape is due to the food you eat and not exercise.
Now, the dieting industry (which is also part of the food industry) wants you to believe these myths so you will keep buying their products when the truth is…
Dieting does not work.
Exercise alone does not work
Starving yourself does not work.
Instead, if you’re looking to…
Maintain an optimum body weight
Raise your body’s energy levels
Slow down aging and eliminate illnesses
Free yourself from false food beliefs and cravings
Improve your overall health for better skin, libido, body, and more
It’s time to rethink your relationship with food.
A System To Change Your Food Psychology With No Change In Calorie Intake
People create short-term changes in their eating habits every day.
It’s what’s commonly known as dieting.
But modern day dieting doesn’t work.
To create life-changing results that last, you need a simple system that changes your food beliefs, relationship, and habits FOR GOOD.
A powerful, effective and new health and fitness methodology… that draws its inspiration from evolutionary and functional medicine and nutritional anthropology…
And uses behavioral psychology to create lasting change in your brain’s association with food including its response to the Six Human Hungers…
So that no amount of advertising dollars or social pressures will put you back on an unhealthy regimen ever again. EVER.
This system addresses the five primary reasons behind why you’ve always failed to achieve the changes your body so badly wants to make. It guides you through an easy, step-by-step process to make permanent and lasting changes without ever feeling hungry and always having a feeling of abundant freedom.
And it’s incorporated in this program called…
90 Days To Your Natural, Best Looking Self
What if it only takes 90 days to so dramatically shift your health and fitness levels that you’re a
totally new person after that?
That’s what the WildFitⓇ Program is designed to do.
The vast majority of the people who take this program see dramatic changes in the weight they lose.
Andrejs, a 51 year old entrepreneur, planned to drop 5kg
but instead got off 12.5 kg.
Jacqueline Giurleo released 46 lbs, 89 inches,
and 4 dress sizes.
8 Things That Make WildFitⓇ Program Unique
Health Principles
01. The Principles for Lasting Health
WildFitⓇ is a Paleo-influenced health methodology that draws heavily from evolutionary history and modern-day hunter-gatherer communities. A key principle of WildFitⓇ is that ‘every living thing has a diet’ and that the degree to which a species can stay on its diet is a measure of its health and longevity. These principles are known to have existed for at least 5–6 million years.
Behavioral Psychology
02. Powerful Behavioral Psychology
WildfitⓇ creator, Eric Edmeades, has been a professional speaker and executive business mentor for 2 decades; he understands behavior and how to create lasting change in you. WildfitⓇ structure is based on powerful behavioral psychology techniques that help you implement the changes you want, quickly and easily.
03. Microlearning For Even Your Busiest Days
The traditional way of taking courses is: you invest in a course, and you study it by yourself in your own time for about 8-10 hours which lacks accountability and excitement. The WildfitⓇ Program is run on Mindvalley’s Quest microlearning platform, so what happens is you’re going to go through the program along with thousands of others under guidance from a tribe and pre-recorded Q&As from Eric and his team No more finding time to pour through 10-hour courses. Set aside 10 minutes a day, each day for 90 days.
No Starvation
04. No Starvation And No Exercise
The WildfitⓇ Program is carefully designed so that you will NOT be hungry and there is no requirement to exercise. This program is about nutritional balance and getting your diet, energy levels and sleep on track so that, when you are ready, you will actually enjoy your exercise. You’ll not dread it like you used to.
Results In 90 Days
05. Designed For Results In 90 Days
For the most part, people already know (or think they know) what they should eat and what they should avoid eating to achieve their health goals; the problem is that they often fail to stick with them. They make exceptions and these exceptions slowly become the rule. The well-refined 90-day structure of WildfitⓇ Program, on the other hand, breaks most people’s conditioning long enough to deliver lasting change.
Group Coaching
06. Group Coaching and Teams
Food and health are team sports; people gravitate toward the average of the people around them. For most, this is not good news. The WildfitⓇ Program puts you on a small group that works together to complete the program and support each other during the program and after it is done. This powerful framework helps our students get the best results possible.
Six Human Hungers
07. Work With The 6 Human Hungers
Big food companies brainwashed us to believe that when we’re hungry we should snack something – when in fact we might just be thirsty. In WildfitⓇ you’ll discover how to deal with the 6 Human Hungers (one of them is thirst) so you never binge or crave for unhealthy foods ever again.
No Special Foods
08. You Don’t Need Any Special Supplements
Healthier, organic foods can sometimes cost a bit more, but there are no special shakes, supplements or anything else to purchase. We are fundamentally against diet programs that are designed to get you to pay extra for “special foods” or “energy shakes” to complete the journey. Instead, every week, you gain a new awareness in your relationship with food. WildfitⓇ Program creates a fundamental change in your own body at a remarkable stick rate, and you are never obligated to buy anything from WildfitⓇ again.
A Special Case Study From Vishen Lakhiani,
Founder and CEO of Mindvalley“Results with NO change in Exercise and NO change in Calorie intake”
Below is an account of the eye-opening transformation experienced by Vishen Lakhiani in his own words.
Vishen Casestudy
“WildfitⓇ is the eating program based on Evolutionary Biology that I used to completely ‘hack’ my diet. Here are my before/after pics. Note: Key here is NO change in Exercise and NO change in Calorie intake.
All in just 2 months.
As you can see, prior to this I wasn’t overweight but I also didn’t have a body that I was proud to show off at a beach party. During the two months I tried WildFit, I went from 22% body fat to 15% body fat – the normal accepted rate for a male.
It was unreal what it has done to my energy levels. I was sleeping better… I had more energy… Where I previously didn’t enjoy eating vegetables that much, I now can’t stop eating them… My alcohol consumption went down… My coffee intake went down… I didn’t have to completely cut off anything really. But I was naturally being healthy.
Prior to this, I tried all kinds of fitness products… I tried BeachBody products like P90X etc, but I found that 95% of your body shape has to do with the foods you eat. Not exercise.
Here’s the remarkable truth about the transformation: it happened easily, it happened fast and it happened with no change in exercise. I did not change my exercise routine at all. I always did about an hour of exercise a week. I did not change that. I also did not count calories or change my food intake at all. And I did not suffer at all. This was the most surprising thing about the WildFit Quest.
And I’ve tried many, many health and nutrition programs. Nothing has changed my body and my life… and everything else from my intimacy levels to my energy to my happiness levels… as much as WildFitⓇ.”
Vishen Lakhiani,
Founder and CEO, Mindvalley Inc.
Meet Eric Edmeades:
The Extraordinary Man Behind WildFitⓇ
Eric Edmeades is an international speaker, author and the architect of several highly effective and transformational seminars, workshops and retreats around the world.
Prior to this, he was a serial entrepreneur involving in several big businesses including the Lucasfilm spin-off, Kerner Optical and his first successful venture, The ITR Group, a supplier, integrator and maintainer of IT equipment.
In the world of evolutionary biology and nutritional anthropology, however, Eric was an accidental hero.
Suffering for most of his teens and early 20’s with severe allergies, sinus troubles, throat infections and acne, he was only weeks away from a surgery to take out his tonsils when a friend of his urged him to attend a personal transformation seminar. That seminar ended up not only *clearing up 10 years of chronic symptoms *but it changed everything he believed about health and food.
Since then it has been his life’s passion to help people wake up to the reality that, in terms of health, they are off course. That the human and financial cost of our current way of life is far too great.
And he founded the WildFit as an easy, structured and step-by-step system which anyone can use to attain basic physical fitness that will lead to a long, healthy and enjoyable life..


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