Dan Lok – Tube Your Own Horn

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Dan Lok – Tube Your Own Horn
Original Price: $2000
You Just Pay: $79.95 (One Time – 96% Off)
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Dan Lok – Tube Your Own Horn
Original Price: $2000
You Just Pay: $79.95 (One Time – 96% Off)
Author:_Dan Lok
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87



Get The Respect, Influence And Lifestyle
You Deserve!
Week 1: Master Your Mind
Discover how to think like a High-Income Tuber ™ and run a successful YouTube channel starting on Day 1! In this week’s class, right away, you’ll discover the real reasons why 99% of YouTubers stay broke – and what YOU can do instead to be the shocking success-story everyone talks about.
Week 2: Magnify Your Personal Brand
This week is all about narrowing down your niche and building a wildly profitable personal brand. Instead of having you figure things out on your own, you’ll get proven methods to quickly spot your perfect niche. I’m talking a niche where you’ll never run out of things to say. And if you already know your niche, I’ll show you how to differentiate so you have minimum competition and maximum potential profit. These secrets took me YEARS to understand. But you’ll be able to use them within hours after this session.
Week 3: Maximize Your Impact
It’s one thing to get a few people to watch your videos. It’s a whole other thing to get fans who love you! Now you might think it’s all about being relatable on camera. Yes there’s that, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to get fans who truly and deeply love (like I’m talking about the ones who will pay you AND send you gifts), you’ll find out how in this week’s class.
Week 4: Magnetize Your Subscribers
The fastest way to build a profitable YouTube channel is to create a personal brand around what you do. But that’s easier said than done. That’s why in this week’s class, you’ll receive my best-kept personal branding secrets. These are personal branding secrets that will change your life – and you’ll probably catch yourself using these secrets in your day to day life too!
Week 5: Measure Your Growth
There are so many people out there who tell you you need viral videos to be successful on YouTube. I can tell you that’s NOT true. What you’ll discover in this class is how to be strategic and get consistent results from your YouTube channel – without ever needing a viral video – ever.
Week 6: Monetize Your Influence
By this point, you’ll know exactly how to be a tribe of die-hard, loyal fans. So to wrap up the program, I’ll walk you through how to generate multiple streams of YouTube income. This way you can live your life exactly the way you want.
Here are a few extra things to help you hit your goals whether that is fame, fortune or personal growth…
BONUS #1: 

The One-Take Wonder Formula™
An Easy Way To Make Videos That Influence, Entertain And Sell
(Value: $995.00)
When I got started, man, was it tough! I would stutter. I would forget my lines. And I would be boring. Then I figured out a few key things that helped me never run out of things to say and get potentially viral content pouring out of my mouth.
What’s the secret?
You’ll find out in The One-Take Wonder Formula™. With this bonus, you’ll have the hidden strategies to create amazing, flowing content in one take… without a script!
BONUS #2: 

The Success Habits Of A YouTube Star
The Insider’s Guide To Living A Successful And Fulfilling Life As A YouTuber
(Value: $995.00)
It’s okay if you don’t want to be too rich or too famous.
But with this bonus, I’ll break down everything I do to build a strong, financially healthy brand on YouTube.
So with this bonus, you’ll discover how to turn what you do what you do everyday into great videos… how to schedule film days in between other priorities in life (for example if you work a full-time job and or you have a family to take care of)… how to release videos at their most optimal times… how to deal with haters with grace… and much much more.
BONUS #3: 

Exclusive Access To Tube Genie
A Private Vault Of YouTube Secrets Passed On From Those Who Have Gone Before You
(Value: $5,000.00/yr)
How would you like to get access to my Director of YouTube – my secret weapon to growing my YouTube channel?
Day or night?
Anytime you need?
Well, this is it.
Tube Genie is a private, members-only vault my Director of YouTube put together. With Tube Genie, any time you have a question, instantly, you’ll have quick, bite-sized video answers to:
-All your questions on writing scripts…
-All your questions on finding a great niche or next topic…
-All your questions on doing editing…
-All your questions on monetizing YouTube…
-All your questions about becoming an expert in your field…
-All your questions about creating a content calendar…
-All your questions about fitting YouTube in when you have a busy schedule…
-All your questions about reaching out to other influencers to do collaborations…
-All your questions about building a brand… 
And so on.
To be clear, the videos you have access to in Tube Genie aren’t based on theory. No. These are field tested secrets used by me, Dan Lok, to produce REAL RESULTS. So really, with Tube Genie, you’re getting hidden to YouTube you won’t get anywhere else.
BONUS #4: 

Video Estate Secrets™
A Set Of Never-Before Revealed Persuasion Secrets For YouTubes Who Want Maximum Success, Influence And Long-Term R.O.I.
(Value: $1,495.00)
You want to think of your YouTube videos like pieces of real estate. And you want to think of yourself, the creator of these videos, as an investor who owns a portfolio of real estate.
Because every time you put up a new video, your videos, much like real estate, can produce you a long-term return. Even if that video only took you 10 minutes to make. Now keep in mind, your videos won’t always get you a return. In fact, when you first start, most of your videos will bring you nothing. But when you do get a video that takes off, you can often depend on it to bring you returns for a long-time…
And this is actually one of the best things about YouTube…
Unlike a tweet or a Facebook update, a YouTube video doesn’t go away. It doesn’t get buried down in a timeline or feed. A YouTube video matures like fine wine. And when that happens, you get what I call the “Ripen Effect”.
So when you build up a momentum on your channel, you can actually get more and more results with less and less work. It is the fastest and most cost effective way to create something once, then let it pull in a return on-going.
That’s why I call my videos on YouTube, Video Estate™. The more Video Estate™ I have, the wealthier I become. With this bonus, I’ll share with my secrets to consistently adding new Video Estate™ to my portfolio.
BONUS #5: 

Tube Your Own Horn Private Facebook Community & Instant Boost In Subscribers
(Value: Priceless)
When it comes to growing a channel and getting known on YouTube, there’s a slow way… and a fast way.
When you’re building a YouTube channel on your own, you’re doing it by yourself. (The slow way.)
I mean just look at all the top YouTubers.
Have you noticed all of them seem to feature another YouTuber or get featured on another channel at one point or another?
That’s right!
The fast way is to leverage OTHER YouTubers.
When you’re with me, you have one of the Top YouTubers in the world helping you.
To make it even easier for you, I’ll pull you up. So will the other influencers in my network. And so will the other students in Tube Your Own Horn. (Again, something only Tube Your Own Horn can offer).


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