Becky Beach – Printables Ecom Academy


Becky Beach – Printables Ecom Academy
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Author: Becky Beach
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What You Get:
Module 1: How to research and find products that sell?
After having done this for quite some time we know the kind of products that sell well and we will show you how to research like a pro using our strategies.
Module 2: How to brand your store for maximum success?
There is a method to the madness when it comes to generating ongoing sales from your printables ecom store. We will show you how to brand your store for high recall value and ongoing organic sales from returning customers.
Module 3: How to set up your Ecom store for long term success?
Shave off years of your time and fast track your journey to a successful printable ecom store by getting set up the right way. We have committed a lot of trial and error in reaching where we are today and now you can leverage our expertise to succeed.
Module 4: Learn our exact UX Design principles that flat out work
Becky is a lead UX designer with a Fortune 500 American Company. Imagine what it can do to have someone with that level of experience on your team.
Module 5: How to use the exact apps we use to ensure you optimize the printables store for success?
There are certain aspects of your printables ecom store that you need to automate so you can work on your business rather than working in your business. We’ll show you exactly how!
Module 6: How to create high quality products to sell even if you’ve never done it before?
We have heard it so many times…
“I would love to create printables but just don’t know how!”
Well we will show exactly how to create products that your customers can’t but help to buy even if you have no graphic skills.
HINT: We have numerous examples in our own business that use these strategies.
Module 7: How to list your products the way we do to make more sales?
There is a right and a wrong way to list your products. We learnt it the hard way. You have the easy option to choose and leverage on our experience.
Module 8: Our 10 minutes SECRET strategy…
that almost always works in bringing you more sales for your printables and only takes about 10 minutes to implement?
Module 9: Tech Demystified
Small tweaks that give your store a professional feel without you having to break a sweat.


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