Marketing, Sale

Marketing is the process of creating values ​​from customers and close relationships with customers in order to collect value of benefits for businesses and organizations from the created values.

SEO Courses & Tool

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization, includes a set of methods to improve the ranking of a website on search engine results pages – SERPs (usually Google).

Small Business

Small business aims to profit from the first days. Small business people place financial figures specifically and find ways to achieve them.

NLP, Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a procedure recommended by health experts or research to help someone experience the change in feeling, perception, thought or behavior.

Real Estate

Real estate is a term used in law that includes land and anything “attached” to that land, like a house. The term Real estate (also known as immovable property) is often considered synonymous with Real Property (sometimes called realty), and opposite to personnal property or estate.

Management, Leadership

The first responsibility of a leader is to identify reality. Finally thanks. Between these two, the leader must become a servant and a debtor. This is a summary of the evolutionary process to become a true leader